Sunday, April 06, 2008

No More RSS feeds from this blog sorry!

Hi Guys,
How many of you guys have subscribed to this blog with the RSS feature? (please tell me so i can get an idea).

Sadly i have had to turn the RSS feeds from the blog off because both this blog and my others have been plaged by people copying my entire posts word for word with automated RSS spam blogs. I spend heaps of my time on these blogs and its sad that people out there would steal my posts and then i end up seeing them all over the internet on all these spam blogs!. If so do use the RSS feature please tell me.
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Nick dk said...

sorry...but i dont even know what RRS stands for or what it does.

But sad 2 hear your problem...

Anonymous said...

Who cares about people copying your posts. Isn't it a good thing the truth is getting replicated and spread out? Or is preserving your 'intellectual property' more important? If so, why should companies like Boeing and Northrop do any different? because they are doing exactly the same thing to the detriment of us all.

That little itty bitty introductory text you place on each youtube video isn't worth guarding by a long shot. It's not like Steven Greer grade material writings.

You seem to forget the crux of the matter are the videos and not your 2 lines introduction. Videos you 'blatantly' copy in it's entirety, the same thing you accuse others of doing to you.

What about all those people's youtube videos that YOU steal to put on this site. What is the difference between you doing that and people copying your posts via RSS.

Smells like ignorance blended with hypocrisy.

Tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

Sorry mate but I haven't a clue what RSS feed are - It's a bit annoying that you can't now right click on 'comments' links and bring them up in a new window.

Anonymous said...

Tsk Tsk poster - you're RIGHT out of order. I suppose you spend your time trawling the web and criticising peoples work huh ?

realufos said...

yes, well thanks for all these comments,
i don't mind if people copy the stuff but the when whole blog is being copied and being reproduced every day on another persons site , straight after i post by some spam robot there is no use in me even running the blog as the whole blog is totally copied and all the hits go to this persons other blog.
This is a huge problem for bloggers right now, it defeats the purpose of blogging and i know google are tring to fix this,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us an info about shutting down RSS. I have watcheed out every day for new "news". :-)

You are doing great work with your page here. But unfortunately this page is too bloated for being displayed on my computer (all those flash videos make all my browser crash), thats also a reason why i used to watch the videos through my feedreader.

I really hope you can solve this!

Greetings and best wishes from germany,

Anonymous said...

Matt, I feel your frustration ...
There's nothing more irritating when someone takes credit or steals your work, because they're too damn lazy to do the work themselves !

Anonymous said...

I'm using rss to read this site's posts, and its a shame I would no longer be able to.
Can't you put a link back to your site in every post, so that the spam blogs link back to you?


Anonymous said...

I read via Google reader and will hate to lose the feed.

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