Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ufo news: Ecotricity says Wind turbine event a " unique and isolated incident "

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotrcity the company that runs the Win turbine that was rumoured to be damaged by a Ufo has a quite a bit to say about what his company thinks happened to its wind turbine. He indicates that what happened was a 'unique and isolated event' and i guess that means its likely not a design fault with wind turbines :
Early Sunday morning we had a turbine failure at our wind
 park in Conisholme, Lincolnshire. Engineers are carrying out a thorough investigation. We don’t as yet have any evidence that points us to a cause ... but speculation in the press is rife.

On a serious note..

We've examined the turbine, the fallen blade and the surrounding area, looking for clues. We also sent parts of the fallen blade away for more forensic testing.

We have been liaising with the Health & Safety Executive and the local council. Both are satisfied that this is a
unique and isolated incident. We, and they, have no concerns with the ongoing safety of this, or any of our other wind parks

Photo : Dale Vince ecotricity Founder - Source
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It was a cow , I see it in the photo.

l2 said...

Female alien... that's priceless...

However, it IS taking sexism to the next plateau.

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