Saturday, April 18, 2009

Study reveals Washington State - Yakima near Mt Adams receives most Ufo reports in the USA

A new study  has shown that Yakima in washington state in the USA has the most reported ufo sightings per person of any spot in the USA ...  so its  no co-incidence to find out that Yakima is directly opposite Mt Adams  - the most active Ufo Hotpot in the USA at the moment:
The more important issue here is what is really happening here at Mt Adams ...

YAKIMA, Wash-- A new study finds Yakima has one of the highest UFO reporting rates per capita. Popular Mechanics released the study, it shows by county the number of UFO sightings reported from 1947 to 2005.

Yakima County ranked fourth among small cities with 227 sightings and King County was second with 621 reported sightings among major metro counties.

One center for UFO sightings found there was an increase in areas near military training zones. There is a training reservation in Yakima, which could be one of the reasons. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Aliens. Are. With The government
Their seen at around. Military. Bases because. It's. Much. Safer for. Aliens to land on base. Than. At. An air. Port I myself have. Seen. Many wierd shit n the sky its. Mostlly spring and summer. Time. Just. Never. Said shit. About it

Anonymous said...

I saw one over keenewick Washington on 3/23/13 it looked like a big star the got real close then went to the left of the car it had blue red and white and seemed to be hovering please if you have seen something similar to this let me know I'm really freaked out

lizz said...

i was in the blue mountains in walla walla, wa april 23 midnight and saw exactly the same thing as described by the person in kennewick, just 40 mins from walla walla (by car) seconds by whatever we saw was.

Anonymous said...

Obvious per capita advantage.

Anonymous said...

Obvious per capital advantage

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