Sunday, May 31, 2009

Russian passenger films strange UFO from plane

Russian passenger films strange UFO from plane
quite sure this is an old post , if not pls correct me:
Russian passenger films strange UFO from airliner.
Passengers on a Russian Airliner headed from Moscow to Perm, filmed an incredible, and rather strange looking UFO.
Just last night, Russian Media published a story that workers in the city of Sarapul early morning witnessed a UFO, which they believed was the Russian rocket Soyuz, launched earlier from Pletsk.
However, after reviewing the footage from the facility, analysts and experts believe it is the same UFO which was filmed later in the day by airline passengers.
It's not the typical 'flying saucer' UFO usually seen around the globe. This one is a bit more spectacular looking.
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Anonymous said...

Could it be just a half deflated weather balloon that has got loose!

Anonymous said...

That very much looks like a missile launch as observed from a higher altitude.

Anonymous said...

Time travel is possible, using wormholes theory, and yet wormholes are more than possible, as long as you know how to make them.

same as previous russian SURVEILANCE footage and AND OLD yosmite park video....

exactly same and not the first

"..i saw the same thing around 5 years ago in california in a border town.. it was kinda dark like this.. exactly the same thing... some were saying it was a rocket.... it might be all bulshit .."

..It looks like a missile test. i've seen one like this, i think in the same year. i live in los angeles, and i saw something that looked exactly like that, which i later found out was a long range test from some base east of here. could be the same one? .."

Anonymous said...

comet or meteor

Chef Jeffery said...

Go to click on the pacl linguistic analysis primer p119 full size. Enlarge on the circle just to the left of the hand written 7129, just outside of the perimeter of the black inner circle are 8 spermazoa shaped symbols which look remarkably like the ufo filmed from the airplane.

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