Monday, June 29, 2009

Dr. Steven Greer Presents CSETI Video Footage in Denver Colorado

Dr. Steven Greer's 2009 Denver Colorado presentation:
Parts 8 9 10 have the juicy info (go to these parts by clicking forward on youtube video playlist)
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Anonymous said...

no offense, but sounded like one big new-age infomertial. Political minded, asking for donations, talking about healing... very far fetched.

Anonymous said...

Look here:

bottleslingguy said...

"Sounds very far fetched"

That's exactly the type of thinking that is holding us back from joining the rest of the cosmic consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Greer started off good, but now I think he is only motivated by $$$, not disclosure. It all seems like one big Greer propoganda session to con as many members of the audience into paying thousands to attend his UFO "vectoring" and meditaion sessions. He does charge for those you know... he charges a lot!

If a ufo came an landed on the beach 90 feet away from you, do you really believe all you would see of it is a couple of tiny, intermittently flashing lights? Perhaps the Aliens think its fun to come all the way to our corner of the galaxy just to land and disguise there space ship as some lights reflecting of small pebbles, seashells and pieces of broken glass. Greer has lost the plot and is a liability to Ufology.


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