Sunday, June 14, 2009

RealUfos wants your Ufo photos , videos & reports !

Hi there,

RealUfos would love to hear from you - particularly if you have come across any exceptional Ufo videos and photos that you may have never shared with people before and or you may have not uploaded yet to the internet. Even if your sighting was from years ago we would like to hear about it!

I would also like to particularly hear from people in brazil who may have witnessed any recent Ufo sightings, my sources reveal alot of Ufo activity in that region currently.

Please upload them now to our realufos ning site & pop me an email with your report. but please note that non serious ufo pictures and videos will be removed from there.

You can post a detailed report here in our forum as well.

Remember Ufo sightings are on a major increase at the moment.
Don't overlook anything - even if you think its not a Ufo ... images can turn out differently particularly after a closer look...

Its a simple piece of advice but simply keep your eyes to the skies, many ufo sightings simply go unnoticed because people think ufos don't occur over major cities (and overlook them as aircraft)- this is untrue as Ufo sightings occur everywhere today.

If you see anything of interest it doesn't hurt to take photos and videos with your cell phone even if your not sure if its a Ufo - most people have cell phones now with ok quality cameras and its a convenient way to capture footage.

Take care

& Keep your Eyes to the Skies.
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Anonymous said...

Hi there

Im wondering why did you remove the buenos aires video, lot of people are asking for it now...

I hope you didn't remove it for the translation made.
I want to believe that this UFO website is a serious place for the UFO community.

Anonymous said...

I live in Oak Ridge, North Carolina. I just purchased a new cell phone and can finally take photos by the thousand.
Well it only took 5 minutes to not only snap up my 1st Ufo, but 3 others on top of that. One I captured flying directly over my back yard. At the time, nothing was visable to the naked eye. After downloading the 4 pictures to computer, and with full zoom,
they all have energy fields around them.
2 of the pictures shows balls of light or orbs
under the craft. Well....if I can photograph ufo's just like that, does that make Oak Ridge N.C. a hot spot for Ufo's?
Also worth mentioning...2 of the craft were in the sky that I would put directly over an area that borders North Carolina and Virginia.
That area is heavily populated by nothing but mountains and forest. There are bigfoot reports in that area on a monthly basis.
Doing research, people have sometimes reported ufo's around the time a bigfoot was seen.
After sending my photos to the more credible ufo sites, i'm gonna try and convince a local reporter to take on my story.
In closing, if there are Ufo's flying all around my town invisibly, this needs immediate attention and as many camera phones clicking as possible.
Thanks for reading,

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