Friday, July 31, 2009

More Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies

I have posted so many of the NASA Ufo anomalies i am not sure if this one has been aded:
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Anonymous said...

yes matt, u have posted this post before...

Endrid.D.Cold said...

Great video -
However, the booming soundtrack was thoroughly distracting.
But -
I'm happy to finally see some of the big guns like Gordon Cooper(RIP), Edgar Mitchell, & now even Buzz Aldrin stepping up to the plate and knocking NASA out of the bloody park. For yrs Aldrin was an unshakable NASA team player who could be counted on to debunk & silence the voices of the early heroes like Cooper and Mitchell - and now he is taking his place along side his peers, leaving NASA's official policy of denial hanging by a broken 12 mile tether~! Bravo to these guys.
And -
Bravo for this video & others like it for bringing to the forefront, a burgeoning library of credible videos that help peel away the layers of BS that hid the truth of this phenomena for so long, and - the ramifications of what it represents --

Anonymous said...

I must have missed the Buzz Aldrin confession. He has repeatedly said that he and Neil saw an ejected panel flying away from them but has yet to say he saw anything more unusual than that. The so-called 'tether incident' is nothing more than particles between the panes of the shuttle windows---The UFO Hunters proved it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, from C-JEAN.
VERY nice collection !
But WHAT is the BEAUTIFUL music, at
the end ????
Blue skies.

Anonymous said...

listen to the commentry (TALLY-HO)was a nasa code at that time to inform each other of real traffic!!! that code is no longer in use and has been replaced now by a new one!!!

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