Saturday, August 01, 2009

NASA Ufo hacker Gary McKinnon loses extradition 31 July 2009

Very sad news - NASA Ufo hacker Gary McKinnon loses yet again another extradition appeal. His case has raised numerous concerns about the extradition process in the UK and has attracted high level sympathizers from UK Prime minster Gordon Brown to the likes of celebrities such as Bob Geldof.

Many in the UK are now questioning the real motives why the US government is applying extraordinary pressure on this case - considering the defendant is a non-violent amateur hacker with aspergers syndrome.

Mr Mc Kinnon claims he hacked into NASA's computers searching for Ufo evidence. If you have doubts about Mr Kinnon's claims you can be assured that they can be backed up as the US prosecution confirms he did indeed hack into the NASA Johnson Space centre (if you have watched our videos you will know that this is the exact location of 'building 8' - the long known NASA airbrushing department). His story is no fabrication using Ufos as an excuse for hacking! . Also if you have been following this site I'm sure you are aware of the overwhelming number videos now which support Garys claims of a clandestine UFO cover up at NASA.

The Us government claims he made over $700000 dollars worth damage to their computers but when you consider he just remotely logged into these computers using blank administrator passwords there's no way this damage bill could have been racked up. (Apparently this high damage bill was needed to have support grounds for his extradition)

Fact is NASA and the US military are red faced that this man went undetected and hacked into their most sensitive information - ie Ufos and their coverup process - and you can be sure there is no way they are going to let this go. This is the real reason why they are applying unprecedented pressure to prosecute Gary and they will use every resource they have got to see him rot in jail. No one can stop this process sadly, not even the Uk government or president Obama and it indeed highlights the real issue here - the might and power that is the US military:

cnn report

legal review of the case - Uk government confirms extradition laws wrong and outdated but powerless to do anything
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Anonymous said...

You can't steal user account information and claim that you never intended to use it! He broke the law---big time! No one should get away with hacking into Defense department systems--no matter what they claim they were looking for. If we as a society accept that kind of BS, every cyber-terrorist in the world will use that excuse as a defense. He knew what he was doing, he knew the consequences and now he has to pay. I don't wish him any ill will, but you can't perpetrate such crimes and then expect all to be forgiven just because you had no bad intentions. You can't prove or disprove intentions.

Anonymous said...

Gary is not trying tot get away with charges - he just wants to be prosecuted & trialed in england in a fair trial. He said he did wrong and wants to be charged for it but not the way the US handles terorists - i mean just Look at how the US treats its guantanamoe terrorists ... Gary wot be treated fairly over there and he knows it

Anonymous said...

Do your homework Gitmo prisoners are treated way better than stateside ones...any day!

snoops said...

I think it's not so much about intentions as it's about the damage done. The punishment should be in accordance to that in the case of hacking. To hunt down a man that looks like he wouldn't even hurt a fly is just the paradox of law today. Nasa should be noble enough and offer a different way for this man to pay his debts..

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