Tuesday, August 04, 2009

UFO or star? - Quebec, Canada, July, 2009

Likely a star but what do you think?
somewhere over Quebec, Canada in July, 2009.
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Anonymous said...

This is surely a planet, similar to
one I see, towards South, maybe
30 degrees above horizon, like yours.
Blue skies. From St-Hubert, Qc.

Anonymous said...

It could be Jupiter. It's definitely the brightest "star" on sky at the moment. People could use for example Stellarium (www.stellarium.org) for locating planets before they make ufo videos.

Anonymous said...


waste of time...

Rndvsr said...

Definitely not a star, much too bright. Best bet is it is either Venus, Jupiter or Saturn. As bright as it is it is probably Venus.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it bugs me that this site is called Real UFOs and then title is asking a question like that :)

Anonymous said...

how all of can tell for sure its a planet? you didnt know any information about the hours, day direction ect.

what is your next? chinese lantern..?

Anonymous said...

Well, all of you seem to know this is "venus,Jupiter or Saturn" for sure, with no valide fact to confirm.

what going on here? no more serious talking? This video is good quality. Steady, switch IF to normal mode, zoom in/out, ref point ect.

Did you are all chills or paid for make such stupid comment?

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