Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weird weather circle over Australia

Just what have caused the weather anomaly circle over Australia? :  radar error , HAARP or something else..

This interesting report in from Colin Andrews's site:

Australian Government weather observatory at Kalgoorlie and Giles in Western Australia state that there was no weather to reflect the huge ring effect  which appeared on satellite images two days ago.Conitnue reading

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Anonymous said...

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DaRAGE said...

its just the radar man. If you tick off the radar. and just look at the satelite there would be no clouds. The radar is simply pikcing up moisture in the air. I see the radar mess up there and around brisbane.

Bathtub said...

This is a radar fault, or possibly anomalous propagation (anaprop)as a result of something like a temperature inversion. The circular pattern shows the sweep of the ground station radar; the returns could be features such as townships, buildings etc. Curious, but not inexplicable and very much of this world and no other.

justsaying said...

Umm only problem was that this formation was show to float away, not just dissappear.

justsaying said...

ummm if it was just the sweep of the radar why did it break up and float away in later pics?

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