Wednesday, December 22, 2010

lights captured by cam over volcano in Japan?

Look at this video closely bottom right hand frame.. simply stars moving in the background or more ? I can't decide. Note - There is a strong connection between ufos and volcanoes.
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Anonymous said...

If you wpuld have taken the time to check all the other vids provided by that volcano watch station, i am betting my 2 cents on it that you would not have posted this vid. it's stars and it's in time-lapse, so dew acts like explosions.

Anonymous said...

This Video reminds me of; about two years ago, I think if I'm right, Realufo had posted on this site Video's of "ED Grimsly"
and his night vision sightings, using infrared.
ED claims, from what he's seen, that ETs. are at war with one another or ETs & Earth craft with
other ETs. about 200 miles up!
He's been watching this for some time now,but not sure what the heck
is going on up there, his Father and others have seen this as well!
This is as much as I know,but it does leave you curious!?.......

Anonymous said...

The narrator is delusional. Is he on drugs? I'm an open minded person but I'm also an amateur astronomer and those are nothing but stars, meteors and satellites detected by a light sensitive camera.

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