Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mysterious Light - UFO on the skies of Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines

Ufos apparently filmed May 27, 2011 over Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines.
If you live in the Philippines we would like to hear from you if you also saw these lights:
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Anonymous said...

Wow, at last a video that definitely isn't a balloon.

ian arvin ortega said...

Hi my name is Ian Arvin Ortega and I live here in the Philippines, We (my daughter and several people also saw this same UFO first here in the boundary of San Mateo,Rizal & Marikina City last May 13,2011.Time was 10:21PM and not just one but 7 UFO's.5 were converging and another one went another way, then they disappeared but after 2 mins. another one appeared following the one that separated from the group. They are just gliding freely.

Anonymous said...

well, i saw the same lights but it was before it was reported in the news, i saw it on the night of may 15, 2011. it was like floating fireballs when i saw it,

JC Ignacio said...

we've seeing certain light here in bulacan, philippines. at first i'm not convinced that the light we saw (which my cousin and brother saw a week before) is a UFO. when it came closer, it turned around and disappear the appearance is 2 mins. presumably. its a yellow-orange light, bigger than any star, and its not blinking. its moving.

Anonymous said...

Im from angono rizal, and I saw this kind of light around 2nd week of may, I don't remember it that much but, it was yellow orange in color, and probably was not an airplane cause it was moving so fast and doesn't have a red and blue light with it, if im not mistaken it was moving from the south-east, to north-west, and it unimaginably disappeared within a minute, it was so weird.

Anonymous said...

i also saw the alleged U.F.O.s for about 3-4 times between january-may 2011 here in Asingan, Pangasinan. I'm always the last to fall asleep at our house and as i was about to sleep, i saw a weird light in the night sky that was flying in different directions and it freaked me out but it can't be compared to how i felt when i saw it the second time. i was watching t.v. on my room at around 9-10pm when a shining reflection on my window caught my attention. as i looked up to see what it was, i saw a meteor like ball of fire that flew across the sky. the third time was a lot like the second time i saw it but i called out my cousin to verify what i had seen and we saw 2 of those things. the first one waited for the other u.f.o. and then disappeared. after that, my cousin had claimed that she saw the same thing before and then medias had begun televising about it and it really really freaked me out!

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