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Strange Ufo lights hovering over Mayfield Tasmania Australia 2011

Correction: location of this one is Mayfield Tasmania Australia Were these simply lights on a hill in the background?. Not sure if this is a ufo but this one is puzzling.Would like your comments and feedback from anyone who lives in the area that has further information.
Filmed Over Mayfield, Tasmania , Australia, May 2011:

"On Thursday I dragged my three mates outside to show them and they were bewildered - none of them could describe what they saw or could come up with an explanation of what it was," Mr Hill said.

Mr Hill looked at the site of the flashing lights through his binoculars the next day and said he could not see anything that would generate the same pulsing light.

"There are no buildings or towers in that area that could generate that much light - it was very strange how I couldn't see anything during the day," he said.

On Saturday about 9pm Mr Hill saw the flashing lights again and this time caught them on his video camera.

"It made my hair stand up on my neck," he said.

"It seems so unhuman, it doesn't resemble anything I have seen before and after seeing it with my own eyes it feels very spooky."

A Bureau of Meteorology Launceston spokesman said no sightings of Mr Hill's description were reported to the office.
However, there were reports of the Aurora Australis - or southern lights - which sends bright green and red lights flashing across the sky .

"The Aurora is more of a swirling, wave-like look across the whole sky: it does not sounds like his description," the spokesman said.

Launceston Air Traffic Control also did not have any reportings of the lights.
The Australian Defence Department was unable to comment.
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Mayfield Tasmania :
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Anonymous said...

It might be real. It is in fact a video taken by a dude called Brendon Hill, from Mayfield which is a suburb of the city of Launceston, in Tasmania. which is 3000km from Queensland. Does nobody get the basic facts correct? get it right morons!

Randall said...

At one point the person filming zooms out to reveal all the lights in the bottom portion of the frame. If all those lights are part of the sighting and not street lights or city lights then the probability of this being genuine are much much higher.

Otherwise, it's total fake.

Hieronymus Braintree said...

The lights don't do anything except sit there. Could be anything.

What I want to see is a daylight object seen by dozens of witnesses that makes impossible maneuvers that would settle the question once and for all as to whether these things exist in the affirmative. Where is our smoking gun video?

Anonymous said...

Mayfield is surronded by a river at south and a chain of hilss at north, where's a big bus station.
It's quite possible that this light just be one or more buses at that station, filmed from a lower part of the city.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Where is our smoking gun??
I agree!!

Michael said...

Lol. This is a hoax. It's the reflection of the lights from a modem or router onto a window or thin piece of glass. Pretty easy to duplicate. It's crazy to me that NASA footage is mercilessly disputed here, but THIS blows your minds!

Michael said...

Why are my comments not showing up? Jesus, the debunk can be found here http://www.freewebs.com/bibianabryson/mayfieldufofake.htm this's the reflection onto a bay window in a dark room of some1s router or modem.

Anonymous said...

I was just watching the documentary "UFOTV Presents... / UFOs In South America - Disclosure Has Begun - Full Feature"


If you go to about the 10:25 mark you will see this same UFO.

Anonymous said...

Scams scams and more scams

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys,

this is genuine unedited footage of my house with the metal halide lights on, viewed through a stand of 50 year old gum trees.

Sadly this is not a UFO, modem lights on glass or anything else. These lights can only be seen here in Tasmania because I cannot move/fly my house. I have posted similar on some other sites under the name LADtas.

Google lights in sky launceston june 2011

and then check the UFO sites.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a fake. Not modem lights. I promise. I saw this same shit stone cold sober at WORK last night. I work in North Scottsdale, AZ, and that EXACT thing came south toward me over the mountains. It flew over a big patch of desert across 91st St and banked right, and when it did you could see (barely) that it was a big, scary-as-fuck black triangle-shaped thing. It looked like a B-52, really, but there is no reason a military jet would be flying that low in NS except to land at the (teeny-tiny) civilian airport, which I doubt.

Maybe it's not a UFO, per se, but it's definitely fucking real.

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