Friday, November 18, 2011

Triangle Ufo lights over Miami Florida - November 16, 2011

Ufo video and news report in From Miami Florida about a triangular object filmed on November the 16th. We would like to hear from anyone in the Miami area if anyone also spotted this object:

Mufon witness report
"1. I was driving into my driveway on my way home from tutoring a student. 2. I noticed the object as I had the top down on my Jeep and saw something strange in my field of vision. 3. I thought it was an airplane at first but then realized airplanes have lights that indicate that they are airplanes and that they do not fly in triangular formations and disburse all of a sudden.

4. The object traveled south and kept a constant speed. It appeared as if it was hovering south yet it was ascending at the same time. The first objects that I saw (the triangular formation) disbursed into three separate directions and appeared to regroup (in video). After I finished recording the first objects I ran to my grandfather who was outside with me (who also saw the objects) and then noticed another series of objects traveling the same path that the triangular formation followed.

The lights in the sky all exhibited the same behavior and the lights turned off after they finished ascending just below cloud level. The objects were still visible after the lights turned off and then vanished after a few seconds.

5. I was excited and curious at the same time. My immediate action upon seeing the triangle was pulling out my cell phone to record the UFO event. Overwhelmed with excitement, I only recorded the first sighting unfortunately

6. Multiple objects vanished as the lights turned off, however, they were visible for a short time after."
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