Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ufo lights or lanterns? Toliatti Russia January 28, 2012

Strange Ufo like lights seen over Russia - the question on my mind is do they look like lanterns? Your comments appreciated.
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Eagleheart said...

Hard to say,but 1st impression is Lanterns cause of their minor flame like pulsating & following the same movement pattern. They were going straight line & not straight up.

Lantern's move only straight up and not sideways "if i'm sure of how they behave" so hard to say from these cause they didn't go just straight up.

tntshark said...

Don't think they are lanterns because they don't go at the same speed and did'nt seems to move all in the same directions!

Anonymous said...

oh MY GOD! this is awesome!
Who ever made us,they are back. this hole thing is no easy one to handle, for nobody.
Let us Prepare.
But "to Prepare" means for somebody on this planet - to fight.....AND THAT is the fucking POINT.
we fight each other fot NOTHING.WHY we cant make a plan to make this planet AWESOME?

Anonymous said...

obviously chinese lanterns. at the start one of the objects is in focus and you can see the paper envelope with the fuel glowing inside. i see lanterns every week while walking the dog and they allso move sideways when the wind is blowing. anyone who thinks these are not lanterns have not seen a lantern in real life and are clearly deluded

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