Friday, February 03, 2012

Alien Ice Blocks Found In Russia

You may remember a strange article about the 'cauldrons' in Russia, that are apparently ET devices implanted in the earth siberia that may destroy near earth objects.
Apparently (if someone can confirms this videos translation) the people in this area say that in the vicinity huge bizarre blocks of ice have been spotted and for some reason the ET's or 'cauldrons' are responsible for them:

Massive lumps of ice found in the Ural River by local residents. Eyewitnesses say that this is the work of aliens. How else can you explain how the huge blocks of ice scattered around like children's toys within a radius of 20 meters got there?

Also in Uralsk, rumours of a crashed object in the vicinity has residents buzzing with an explanation of the dumped ice. Many witness's have come forward who had seen a burning object crash not far from the ural river. A full investigation is underway.
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