Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Ancient Aliens - The Mayan Legend of Kukulkan

New from Ancient Aliens:

History Channel series "Ancient Aliens" examines the Mayan rituals associated with the god Kukulkan and the temple built for him at Chichen Itza.
The Mayans do not speak about Kukulkan in a mythological context. They claim he was a real life being who descended from space and shared knowledge with the Mayan people.
Ancient astronaut theorists believe the legend of Kukulkan is one of many examples of ancient people being visited by benevolent extra-terrestrial beings.
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Anonymous said...

HUMAN SACRIFICE!!.....I find this
REPUGNANT! put yourself in the "VICTIMS" place.

This is not the GOD of LOVE!
Not in your best interest, right!

RONG GOD!!...BUT! there it is, in the MONUMENTs of time, our enemy!
that is,if you don't mind having your heart ripped out, while your still heartless would that be?...I would rather build on our own technology, in the framework of love, rather than on the sacrifice of another.

Sound a bit dramatic? well no more than this story, if its true!?

In this modern day of 2012 in the light of our intellegence & technology,I couldn't for the life of me,imagine that anyone or group
could stoop "SO LOW" as in our ancient times, with a god of sacrifice...could they? could they?

Well,look at war!!...thou shalt not KILL...PERIOD!!

OR let us modernize it: Thou shalt not MURDER!
Now we can legally go to war!?

Give me a break!!...Peace,& love with intellegence, shouldn't = WAR!

Anonymous said...

It was a honour for these people, all willing

arrackis said...

Thanks to the Spanish conquers, who destroyed almost every written text the Mayans produced, we may never know much about this subject!

arrackis said...

Thanks to the Spanish conquers, who destroyed almost every written text of the maya, we may never find out what it was all about

Anonymous said...

Or was it a "delusional" honour for these people, all willing!?

Easily lead!:/.......

Anonymous said...

Im mexican and as far as I know victims of sacrifice used to be their enemies, war prisoners, and were offered to their gods as a tribute. Anonymous says he finds that repugnant, well, its exactly the same that happens today when U. S. saacrifices criminals under death penalty laws, or when US soldiers capture an enemy and sacrifices him (e.g. osama bin laden, sadam hussein, etc., etc.). just because from our point of view we think they are the bad boys and we are the good ones. And we still do all that in the name of our god.

Anonymous said...

MEXICO:)...We hear you, and understand, but you may agree,that someone has got it RONG!...and rong for a long time!!

Look up the word:.."BARBARIC"

- and -

Two RONGS,do not make a RIGHT!!
but two rights can never be RONG!
How can there be peace, when cruelty is seen as uncivilized!?

Push for Peace! for Civilization..
a highly advanced development of society, we need to do this,if we are to live in peace, with one another, and share the new technology that maybe, just around the corner,for all us.

We can't change History, but we CAN
alter its cause!
Its up to ALL of us, for a better way............

Anonymous said...

wow. you people have NO LIVES WHATSOEVER. Aliens aren't real.
Its just a myth.
Love always, Lexie<3

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