Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ancient Aliens the Mystery of Puma Punku

At nearly 14,000 years old, the ruins of Puma Punku are the oldest and most baffling on the face of the Earth. No one knows who designed and built this complex of sophisticated inter-locking blocks, and then vanished. Researchers investigate the ruins on-location in Peru and present new computer analyses. Forensic evidence on the ground, together with local myths and legends, suggest this site may have been designed and even once inhabited by a species of extraterrestrials.
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Anonymous said...

fantastic builders from an age long ago.The age should be 1400 years ago not 14000.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, fantastic builders for sure!
and I have to say that 1400yrs. ago, does not sound right, at all!

Where did you get that from?

There was NO electricity for power tools,1400yrs ago in our history,
but when there is this video, that
talks about superb Ancient structures, dating back in history BC. to a time of Ancient civilisation, nearly 14,000yrs ago
then it is feasible to consider that the technology, THEN! may have been similar to our own today,
which "could" explain everything that we are discovering today.

Where did 1400yrs come from?

You can't just say 1400yrs with out backing it up, with an explanation, as to why not, 14,000yrs....come on!!?

smittydaman said...

Our history is ruined by the governments...

Anonymous said...

We hear you!

Anonymous said...

Re....PUMAPUNKU: To whom this may
concern:....."Ancient Aliens"

Try this idea!....Instead of a: "diamond tipped saw blade"

Try the idea of a: "Laser tipped saw blade" ...Laser between each blade! this effect, would soften or melt the stone, laser on the target only, & the blades complete the cut,like a hot knife through butter, smooth!

A drill, the same!

Each power tool, would be self powered!....ETs FREE ENERGY!

"No power grid needed!?" not like we're stuck with today!

Each unit...self powered.

It has been said, PUMAPUNKU,was made in one day...............???

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