Sunday, July 22, 2012

Michio Kaku: Aliens Exist & Alien Invasion 19/07/2012

Dr Michio Kaku, my favorite theoretical physicist,  talks about a possible alien invasion.
He is one guy who is right, if ET's have achieved space travel and have visited us in the past, it's highly likely they have advanced and evolved to a point where their intention would be non-hostile:
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Anonymous said...

I'm with Dr.Michio Kaku!...I wouldn't think that Aliens would attack Earth, depending on who or what they were, of cause!?

Like a "Wasp" right? might build its nest right "next to you"
and no problems, BUT if you mess with them,.... they'll go ya!!
Now if they had high Tech?god help US!...A laser sting:) SWARMING!!!
or worse! just vanish, POOF!!

Its called defence! leave us alone,and we'll leave you alone!

But wait a minute?...aren't they already here?...under ground, under water,in amongst us?

So Dr.Michio Kaku, dosen't he know this? or is it like the Government says: There is no real evidence that extraterrestrial exist.......

Anonymous said...

uh, i passed the invasion!damnd, what happened? anyone alive out there XD

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dr. Kaku, the majority of aliens that visit here will probably be friendly. There may be one or two out there that might want to hurt us but I doubt it.

Our problem will be the shoot first ask questions later mentality of our military. If you start firing at friendly crafts they will of course fire back. Since our weapons would be useless against them, I think it would be a stupid idea to fight them.

I also think the UN should be the one to great them since they are the closest thing we have to a representative of the world. The presidents and other country rulers should not be the first to greet them since they represent a particular country and not the world.

are aliens real said...

Dr Kaku has been wrong lately. But on the topic of aliens and UFOS he has caught my attention. the video in very interesting thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Stick with the right brain humanoid aliens and u should be right brain.......TRUST ME

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