Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UFO's Or Flares? Long Island, New York: 21/07/2012

Quite a few reports coming in about these lights recently seen in New York.
Below are 2 videos of the sighting, they may be flares so we would like your feedback, especially if you personally saw these lights. Also if you have further footage  please respond to this post:
Filmed on the I90 Expressway, Hamburg, New York State 10:05 PM July 21, 2012:
Video 2 :

Posters comments: 
This video was taken on July 21,2012 with a Motorola Droid X smart phone,,just coming up close to 11 PM,,,,I'm not happy with the quality...but it's what I had. The camera view was North East......These lights in the sky appeared to have taken off from the ground....In my opinion a few towns east possibly Medford NY......They made their ways North toward first we saw two,then three,,,,then the others followed in the same general direction. These strange lights seemed to pulse with a red flare like color. There was a small aircraft passing by toward the end of the video.....this dude must have been worried about what was around him.....and I bet the guys In the new control tower over at MacArthur Airport had an excellent view
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