Sunday, September 16, 2012

UFO Ovnis Visit Varginha Minas Gerais, Brazil: 26/08/2012

At 5pm on the 26/08/2012, this strange object appeared in the skies of Varginha Minas Gerais, Brazil, in the town of Three Points.  The footage was taken by four teenagers, who were quite frightened.
Could the object simply be a balloon? Your thoughts appreciated on this video.

The dark spot in the sky drew attention. Gradually the clouds, you could see the shape and brightness. flagrant What was done by some children playing in a yard in the town of Three Points, southern Minas Gerais. When they saw the UFO in the sky, began recording the images with a digital camera. few hypotheses exist to explain the presence of flying objects in the sky. One has to do with the weather
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Anonymous said...

A disk! yes?..but who's?........

Michael Proulx said...

Intresting for sure,im thinking that the beings that have been observing us are getting ready to finally show themselves,the sumarians among many othets spoke of beings from the stars,even the gnostics talked about them in great detail,its a awsome time to be alive.

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