Monday, May 13, 2013

Washington D.C UFO: 12/05/2013

Triangle UFO video filmed above Washington D.C on 12th May 2013.
Note: Please view in FULL screen to see the craft better:

Filmers comments: We were walking through the woods at night. we were just looking in the sky and our friend pointed it out, out of nowhere. we thought it was an alien UFO ship or something. it was a black triangle shaped object and in the corner of all three edges of the triangle was a bright white light and it appeared literally out of nowhere and then drifted to the side before it stopped in mid flight and started to hover. Then its three triangular lights changed to one single bright white light then the one light disappeared. we were so scarred because we were in the middle of the woods and we started freaking out and yelling, it was terrifying. it just disappeared right in front of us!
 Source MUFON

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Ashanafi said...

Why was this guy such a wimp?!? If the UFO wanted to do something to you it would have, home or in the woods. Stand your ground and get a clear video!

Ashanafi said...

Why run?? Stand your ground and get a clear video!

Anonymous said...

"Why run?? Stand your ground and get a clear video!" lol :) W e ll, look what happened to:

"Travis Walton 1975 when he stood HIS ground! A light beamed out,threw him off his feet to the ground,and he disappeared for several days!? Check it out! "Travis Walton" Videos under abductions..The brave sometimes,do not return!? My advise, its OK! to make dust:)
Fear is NORMAL! it keeps you alive!? In the military though, you are trained, how to manage your fear,and stand your ground. "Different arena!!"

There can be very good reasons for making dust, & leaving fast:) Abduction is one! Radiation, another! And consider; VERY BIG!:) Remember? we stand on Ants!....?
A universal rule,would be a, Respectable distance of safety,for observation!? It would be freaky,walking through the woods at night,and something like that,suddenly appears,in front of you.I'd be out of there too, PRONTO!!.......................:)

Anonymous said...

RADIATION: From some a HUGE thing to consider.I am aware of a true store on the net, its claimed that a family of three people.Two ladies & a young boy,where stopped by a their car,on a wooded stretch of road, in Houston Texas.The UFO.was hovering just above the road, some few feet!? giving the reason for them having to stop.The woman driver gets out of her vehicle and walks forward of her car,with her hand up to shield her eyes from the light of the UFO...This UFO.looking PEAR shaped, downwards!? She is called back to the car by the other lady,and on returning,grasps hold of the door handle,but to her surprise,the handle is HOT!! The hole car is becoming quite warm! to their discomfort.The craft leaves as military helicopters arrive in numbers...To cut a long story short,all three of them became very ill, particularly the lady who went up front, of her car! LATER it was discovered all three had radiation sickness & burns! Likened to SUNBURN!! The two ladies later died, from what was considered,was the radiation!!So if this is any example at not be near an "operational craft" even though some technologies may be excluded,we have no way of knowing which craft,unless told!?..It is better to be on the safe side,than regret it later..So make dust:)....

I very nearly forgot!...The young boy,he survived this ordeal by sheltering somewhere in
the car,on the floor,under the dashboard if have remembered correctly. He today, is a
fine young man investigating this story,and HAS been investigating with.."UFO-Hunters"
To my knowledge, he has received: denial,denial,denial!.....sad
No one knows anything about the military you figure!?...................

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