Friday, July 26, 2013

Hovering craft over Atlanta Georgia 24th July 2013

This new UFO video recorded stationary hovering over Atlanta Georgia 24th July 201.
If you look close there is asmall chance the craft may be a stealth plane of somesort, but if so its is very unsual it would be hovering over the city.

Filmers comments: Hovering object in sky over downtown Atlanta. Object was about 20feet wide. 
 1. We were on the 15th floor of a high rise building in Atlanta. We were working. 
2. We were looking out the window and it was significantly above a 200ft Ferris Wheel.
 3. Various accounts in the office: a kite, a stealth bomber, a drone, an airplane & a weather balloon. 
4. It hovered mostly stationary with occasional changes in elevation. 
5. Curious. 6. Went to upload the video we just took and it was gone. Multiple witnesses posted their experience on Reddit. (link above) 
Source: MUFON
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Anonymous said...

Agree! looks like a stealth plane,with camouflage.Something new, that can hover,quite stream
lined looking!? Performance likened to the Harrier jet.UK...............?

icu said...

could this be the same object

Anonymous said...

Essex july 24 th 2013- huge black triangle with round white light at each point, stationary for 20 seconds, then just instantly vanished, no noise, craft was huge i.e football field size, approx position 1 mile high over thames estuary,11.35 pm. Was so huge that surely more people saw it too. tr 3b?? alien?? either way was blatant which doesnt make sense if was military. craft was vertically positioned which made it look even stranger. clearly observed for the small duration. whatever it is was, was huge, seriously. Could never imagine such a large craft existed til now... thankyou. bp

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