Monday, July 22, 2013

Huge Spinning UFO Inside Lightning Cloud Over L.A 19/07/2013

Did anyone else in LA witness this hugh bright object the other day?

Filmers comments:
This really unexplainable footage was recorded in L.A on Friday July 19th during a large lightning storm. The extremely huge object (UFO) was so bright it lit up the entire cloud which it sat within. There is window reflections, but its what is recorded outside of the window that is fully visible. Recorder States:I was watching an awesome lightening display when I saw this brilliant light start gliding across the sky. At first I thought it was a plane on fire. Once it went out of my line of vision this second one came into view and I videotaped it. My iPhone does not do what I saw justice. It was so beautiful. If you look in the cloud, the light inside is actually moving around as it glides across. So cool. Forgive the language and commentary. I was watching this by myself and I tend to talk to myself. Had I known I would be posting it for all to see I would not have censored myself. I wish someone else could have seen it with me. I also had a reflection of the kitchen light in the background and at the end my salt lamp
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Anonymous said...

The same I saw 2009 in Calpe, Spain.It lasts about 15minutes. Lightnings in a cloud without sound.The video was at youtube "Lightnings over Calpe" or "Ovni a Calpe", but I don`t find it anymore.It was very amazing to see and uncanny.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, what area of LA was this? This is nuts! Good catch!

Mikel Nix said...

Very strange indeed. Something very similar occurred in Toronto a couple of yrs ago.
A massive storm cloud formed directly over the city and began to display almost identical characteristics - most notably were the flashing lights that seemed random (if ANYTHING could be random in a case like this).

However, there is one thing in this video that kinda creeped me out. - At 1:39 a huge alien cockroach crawled across the cloud. It must have been the size of a house~!! LOL - Joking about the alien part but there was definitely a cockroach making its way across something - perhaps it was crawling across a window or something similar.
Man, the things they can do with weather balloons these days~!

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