Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Readers personal UFO sightings July 2013

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On july 6 2013 , 9:45 pm. was driving west on rt 322 in ashtabula county just east of Orwell, ohio. saw 2 red orbsin the south westsky.hard to gauge size or hieght. it was a stormy lightning filled sky. they flew from sw sky to ne sky, turned ,rose, and dipped in own seperate flight path. were in my field of view for about 1 min. also odd was about 10 min. prior to sightng, lasting for appr. 10 min.after, an alarm/buzzer started going off inside my dashboard . owned car 8yrs. never happened before or since. just thinking about this gives me goosebumps.

Logan Ohio 21st July 2013
My girlfriend and I was driving home from nelsonville on 33. We were about a half mile southeast of the 328 exit when we saw it streak across the sky and go in behind some hills.it was cigar shaped with several lights along the side of it flying extremely low, under 200 feet id say. I looked at my girlfriend who was shaking with fear and asked her if I really saw what I thought I saw and she said yes. This was the second time in two weeks we have seen a strange object in the sky. The first was before the 4th of july fireworks. Im quite familiar with aircraft and this wasnt any airplane Ive ever seen and moved way too fast to be a blimp. 

Albert Canada
west of st paul alberta canada,between midnight and 3 am me and 4 other people witnessed 10-100 objects flying in all directions and changing colors.,they moved at very high speeds and stop at an instant and go up down side to side and at angles.,at times they formed clusters of a whitish cloud shape and then seperate from it.,they seem to use clouds as cover.never seen anything at this magnitude before and i will remember this for the rest of my life.

Franklin, Ohio - 07-13-13 
 On the evening of July 13, 2013 at approximately 10:15 PM my wife and I were enjoying a campfire in our backyard on Hillsdale Drive, Franklin OH 45005. We noticed an orange, cylindrical comet-shaped object traveling across the sky at a high rate of speed (much slower than a shooting star, but about twice as fast as International Space Station), traveling from East to West 265 degrees magnetic. Object was losing altitude and an orange tale was noticeable; tale increased in length (Est. 10 mile long tail) as it approached the far west skyline. Approximately 20 degrees off the western horizon object stopped in sky and ejected 2 orbs then ejected an additional 2 orbs for a total of 4, they were very bright and would move in different patterns from a triangle to a horizontal straight line pattern slowly ascending then descending. We watched this activity for about 7 minutes when they slowly disappeared.
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Anonymous said...

This evening driving home I looked in the sky to the east. There were lghts scattered...at least fifty. I thought at first perhaps planes were circling but the number was too many. The lughts had small tails...like asterouds. My friend said maybe tbey're stars...I don't think stars would be that close plus it was spaced out
Unlike random stars. These lights were all the same shape and intensity. They were there for a minute or two then they were gone the next time I looked. I kept asking my friend if we really saw them. She agreed. I have never seen anything like it. I was in Warren, MI. I didn't think to grab the phone because I was stunned and driving.

Anonymous said...

Fair Haven, NY
On July 24, 25, and 26 2013 my husband and I were on vacation at Fair Haven State Park. We saw a red light in the sky that after about 3 or 4 minutes of steady observation it will disappear (felt like it knew we were watching) The same thing happened the 3 times we saw it. I have a coupe of videos that I will be sharing soon.


Anonymous said...

Fair Haven, NY
My husband and I were on vacation at Fair Haven State Park. On July 24, 25, and 26 2013 we saw a red light in the sky that disappeared after a few minutes of being watched (like it knew we were observing it. The same thing happened the 3 days we saw it. I have videos of the object that I will be sharing soon.

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