Tuesday, July 23, 2013

UFo lights over Argentina 17th July 2013 ovnis

Stunning parallel UFO ovni formation over Argentina 17th July 2013 :
Posters translation (rough): one luminaire Intense Dual Core UFO eventually orbited, with North arrumbamiento "(Traso Usual in such UFO phenomenology) If Artificial some events also were approximated, none matches the visual manifestation and Celeste apparent on the vault, the phenomenon continues ciendo still pointing at the sky so "Zenith." 
Here are some other events Artificial Night indole, which were checked, Satellite, Iridium Flare If visible, and guideline Nearby the phenomenon, but almost an hour before, "the brightness caused by the flare of Iridium Unico "(eventual duration is 15 to 25 seconds, no more) and it is never Double. The ISS Space Station 19:25, If a step tube apparently brilliant, but on the south side "of the capital of Argentina and only 11" Maximum height, while abnormal Double Lenticular UFO, appeared on the North to 75 / 80 "Height, just below the disc degrees Lunar growing for a few seconds apart my equipment could have achieved a unique record of having achieved trv230 digital Astronomico Team, but just a moment of vision eventual erroneous, quickly forced to change teams by Trv 310 large field with infrared, you can poll and track much more quickly "and so at least locate and become enrolled, eventually Orbital Phenomenon UFO strange characteristics, indole strictly ciendo orbital study collated and reported, since 2011 by the workshop Glaucoart, Annex List here and gives them time, Editing and Music Records, Ricardo E D'angelo
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Greg St. Pierre said...

Yes, a VERY rough translation. :-)

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