Monday, July 22, 2013

UFo orb hover over Pitt Meadows Bristish Colombia Canada 20.7.2013

UFo orb sighting with commerical aircraft monitoring nearby over Pitt Meadows Bristish Colombia Canada 20.7.2013
Source MUFON:
Sitting in the backyard with some friends. One of them said what are those lights in the sky? We all got up to look and all saw the same lights. Started with just two. Moved across from the East to northeast, then stopped forward motion, one headed more north then faded away, the other stayed in one spot then faded away. Another came across a little later, did the same thing. I went to grab a camera but couldn't focus on it. Went to grab a different camera from my car, saw another coming on the same path.Managed to video it but couldn't zoom enough. This was the last one we saw.
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anakin said...

It's a flying kite with lights attached on all ends. You can see 2 sides held by sticks (front and back). You see this by the way the lights move in the nights sky.

Trust me, it's just someone flying a kite at night.

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