Sunday, July 21, 2013

UFOs over Bundaberg Queensland, Australia

A woman who wished not to be named said she saw a strange light on March 18 this year over Bundaberg Queensland Australia:
 "At about 9.15pm as I was watching television I saw through the open lounge room door a blue light that came down like a beam not far from our house, or at least it looked like that," she said. "It came down from the sky, deathly quiet, and then disappeared."

The woman said she had been stumped ever since she saw the eerie light. "My husband didn't see it as he was sitting in a different position," she said. "I posted it on Facebook but no one else had seen anything. It has intrigued me ever since because it was so eerie and there was no explanation as to why a blue light would just come down from the sky." The Bundaberg woman said she hoped someone could shed some light on what she had seen. "Of course there could be quite a simple explanation for it, but I can't think of one," she said. "Maybe someone else has seen something similar, if so, I would like to hear from them."

 The sighting was not the first for the woman, who said she had seen something odd several years ago as well. >> Woman catches Childers UFO on camera "There was also another incident when my husband, two of our friends and I sat on our verandah," she said. "Suddenly we saw a light in the sky that had come from nowhere, looked like a plane but was stationary and there was also no noise. "As we were watching it, it suddenly dove downwards and disappeared. No plane or even helicopter can do that." 
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