Sunday, August 11, 2013

Giant Triangle UFO over South Dakota July 30th 2013

These incredible photos come in from South Dakota 30th July2013.We are calling on anyone in the state who witnessed these UFO lights to please respond to this post & submit a Mufon report.
Witness comments: These UFO lights appeared one at a time and stayed for about 20 minutes and hour later you could see military aircraft searching for something in the area. It was completely silent and very scary.

Second Photo:

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Anonymous said...

I've seen the same thing the last four nights in a row. Very scary ...they're going to eat us or enslave us.

Anonymous said...

No, they're going to eat or enslave YOU !

Anonymous said...

LOL:)..Chicken tastes better,tell them! and your already under a slave contract..see the boss:)..then run for it..............:/

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