Friday, October 11, 2013

UFO Visits Encino California USA: 08/10/2013

Very interesting new UFO video from Encino, Califonia. Filmed on the 8th October, 2013.
Note if you also saw these lights in Encino around that time we would also like to hear from you.
Please view this footage in full screen.

Eyewitness comments:
Today, Tuesday October 8th 2013, my brother witness an UFO sighting around 3 am in the morning. Location: Encino, Califonia. My brother was awaken by our dog. Thinking a raccoon had entered our yard, he stepped outside to investigate. No signs of any intruders outside. He looked around and finally had the presence of mind to look up and that's when he noticed two bright lights. Too big to be stars but too steady to be plane lights. He immediately went inside and got his mirror less camera. The attached are two videos and a photograph of what he saw early this morning. Right after filming the footage my brother, in disbelief, turn off his camera. Immediately after that a jet plane went over Encino. This was no commercial plane, it sounded like a military jet plane.
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Anonymous said...

It's hard to say weather or not this is considered a real UFO case. You do have to rule out the possibilities of the lights being planets or indeed stars. If they were moving at a very slow constant speed, then you also have to consider it being a satellite. There's just not enough evidence to prove this is a genuine UFO sighting. No offense on the filmer's parts.

Anonymous said...

Seeing moving star from Nz and possibly South Australia, seen for past three weeks tracking less than one handspan immediately below middle star of Orion's Belt. Dim when stationary, but glows brighter before it begins to move, carries out odd, controlled slides that increase intermittently in speed and distance, these "runs" ultimately return it to roughly its original position. Other activity includes up and down on a single axis as though attached to gymnasts' wires. Also movements that resemble a balloon moving in winds, though not actually moving from its spot under the " pot constellation. I understand forty five degrees above Jupiter which is to the right of this object. The distance between it and Jupiter is roughly equidistant to its distance below the pot constellation. It is distinct as a yellow red light in a sky of blue stars. For all appearance this would be a star but it's actions and visibility suggest something in low orbit that is coinciding with the path of Orion in this part of the world. If have seen this you can msg me as the Trent Lloyd with an owl for his profile pic on Facebook. And I've done enough investigation to know this is real, it has been photographed, and it is absent at other latitudes, so don't bother making Snyde comments, it just makes you look childish

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