Tuesday, October 15, 2013

UFO Lights! Abington, Massachusetts USA: October 2013

New UFO video filmed over the skies of Abington, Massachusetts.
If anyone else from the area also saw these lights we would like to hear from you as a reply to this post.
Note this video needs to be viewed in full screen to see the lights correctly as the was captured in a narrow frame.
 Source Mufon: While driving thru the Town of Abington they noticed these lights in the sky. They were all traveling in formation toward the city of Boston. At the beginning of the video you see two of the objects in the sky, then you see another object shoot across the screen extremely fast heading in an upward direction. As he drove thru the center of town he stopped at the next light and there were 5 of them flying in formation, after leaving the light he saw two more farther down the street flying together, I have a program that breaks down video into 30ths of a second, The one that flew across the screen traveled the distance in 19/30 of a second. The frontage of the buildings was approximately 88 feet and the video was taken approx. 40 feet from the curbing. File number 5 below is showing the speeding object at 1/30th of a second..
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Anonymous said...

looks like clusters becaise flairs from the air force dont blink like that

Joe said...

My family and I were driving southbound on the Expressway on Oct 15 2013 at about 6:15 PM when we (four) saw a strange falling light straight ahead that I thought was a bright long lasting meteor. It was over the Abington direction but was not at same time as this video because it occurred at least a day after this post. Many planes were landing at Logan at that time but this light went almost straight down and much more quickly than a descending aircraft. We were driving on a straight flat portion of the expressway so our own movement should not have created an illusion. Other landing aircraft in the area looked perfectly normal in the sky It started at about 40 degrees above horizon and descended slightly to left (east) before it disappeared behind trees after about 6-8 seconds. There was some thin clouds in that direction so I questioned the meteor theory. But I lowered the window and waited for a boom which never came. We thought perhaps a small plane may have crashed but did not hear of such an incident. Could have been fireworks or a flare but it was a white light we did not see any ascending or similar lights or fireworks. I am an engineer and a pilot so am familiar with optics and commercial flight patterns. This did not seem to be an aircraft. I'm not a big believer in UFOs but found this post when searching the web for others who may have seen. Weird coincidence that this video was posted showing UFOs in same area a day or two earlier. Difficult to see whether these could be Logan commercial traffic which lines up at time of night over south shore. It does not appear so.

Anonymous said...

My wife and kids were driving down I495 near Attleboro MA on Sun 10/20 at about 1:20 pm and I saw a stationary silver sphere above the tree line but looked far away. didn't look like a blimp and definitely not a plane. I told my wife to look up at it while I grabbed by phone to take a video of it and she didn't see it. I continued on to take a video in the direction that I saw the object but lost sight of it as well. The object seemed to disappear within seconds and my wife looked at me like I was crazy. Today 10/21, I looked at the video on my phone and to my suprise I caught it! Something stationary is in a bunch of frames as we passed a clearing in the trees. when looking at the frames seprately, it appears to be a stationary object that is silver and almost transparent with a spherical shape at one end and what may be a cylinder shape behind it. there also may be other smaller objects in the sky near the object but it could be interference on the phone. I find it interesting that others have seen objects in roughly the same area recently. by no means am I saying this object is from out of space or alien but one thing is for sure, it was there and I have the video to prove it.

ufobeliver said...

about the silver object can i see this video from email i live in ma too. [email protected] thanks.

Anonymous said...

I saw the same exact lights move around like these at my work about last month

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