Monday, December 09, 2013

UFO lights over Gilbert Queen Creek Arizona 8th December 2013

New UFO sighting over Gilbert Queen Creek Arizona. Did anyone else see this?
Please view in fullscreen to see better.
Any ideas on what you think these objects were?

Source: MUfon My friend and I were leaving my house and were getting in her car when I pointed out some strange lights behind her. The lights, I think 4 or 5 total were slowly moving in different directions out South towards nothing. Our airport is the opposite direction and there is really only residential areas and desert in the direction where the lights were. These lights faded in and out a few times. We only viewed them for about a minute. My brother happened to be outside for about 30 seconds and caught a picture. I recorded video. My friend and I drove toward the direction where we thought they were to a field where nothing would be blocking our view shortly after the last light faded but the lights were gone.. This happened around 8pm. If you see the video youll be able to tell how my friend and I were reacting, we were both freaking out.
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Anonymous said...

Look like flares.

Anonymous said...

Don't flares leave a smokey trail upwards,as they came down? and what would the reason be for dropping flares "OVER A CITY"??? for goodness sake!? The city is well lit!! When you think about the reason for flares, in the first place,why drop them over any city? would be enough to make ME flare up,thinking of them, as a FIRE HAZARD perhaps....In open land, or out at sea, X could mark the spot!.. but over a city???

Those lights have got to be something else, for example..A toy drone,of some kind!? MAYBE! MAYBE NOT! Should we be surprised now days,considering the increase of "remote toy technology"
You can not rule out,the possibility of this Tech: You may think what you will, but this possibility is facing us all to be considered.This is NOT saying that UFO.are not seen,not at
all!!..I'm suggesting that SOME perceived UFO.sightings,could be just some new technology out for a spin:)and thought of as others, just simply because the sitting is not identified as yet, and we are left with the impression of a UFO. [unidentified flying something].........

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