Monday, April 20, 2009

UFO footage 14 April 2009 Bendigo Australia

extract from allnewsweb:
A sharp-eyed resident of the town of Bendigo in Victoria, Australia noticed a strange object moving in the sky on Tuesday evening earlier this week. The unnamed witness noted that:
‘( I ) Just stepped outside this evening, enjoying a cuppa and this unidentifiable flying thing appears in the sky travelling steadily, I instantly ran inside and grabbed the HD video cam and captured what I could. As i was in a hurry, I didn’t switch the cam to night vision mode, it was set to sunny, though it was dusk
as for the shakiness, well I couldn’t believe my eyes! This object tracked across the sky with a relative velocity moving in an arch from north to south
I’ve included a few short shots at the end of the video to demonstrate how a star (B) looks through my cam and how an aero plane (A) looks through my cam, i took those shots five minutes after filming the object.
...I really don’t know what this is.’
Rural Victoria is generally one of Australia’s UFO hotspots.
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Anonymous said...

I can say from past experience that the Bendigo area has had a few legit sightings. From a slow moving triangle shape UFO to strange behaving what thought to be satellites.
I would certainly like more info on the latest sighting!

Gavin Veasey said...

Curses. The video is down.

Anonymous said...

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