Friday, October 16, 2009

Tall Ets at Silbury Hill - police report & the UK army - what's going on ? Do you know more?

I have received information that the issue of the 'Tall beings' in the Uk is being treated as a major issue and is being taken seriously by the authorities over there. Back in July this year i wrote a post about a police Sergeant who submitted a report about how he chased 2 tall beings off a crop circle over there ... well now the story on this has developed somewhat:

There's alot more thats going on at Silbury Hill that hasn't been mentioned to the public and they have the right to know about this issue. After the police sergeants report about tall humanoid beings being seen near a crop circle many more people have come forward about seeing these tall beings near by - no joke! Apparently the issue is being taken seriously by the UK Army who have been seen monitoring the fields there.

RealUfos would like to know more from anyone who's been near Sillbury Hill and seen or knows anything about these tall humanoids? - please respond to this post below.

Click here to read the updated report by Mr Andrews Police Sergeant SilburyHill

Silbury Hill - UK - home of crop circles, weird relic hills,and now the tall beings:
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markymint said...

No more than 25 miles from me, there are always helicopters heading South West toward Salisbury plains from my local RAF base. Maybe that's a reason why they made it the chief base for all UK helicopter operations a decade ago... Anyway, I'll be monitoring the Silsbury site and areas next year I hope, because this Tall Beings stuff is great - woo!

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