Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Ufo " channel " - Britian's most active Ufo Hotpsot - Cardiff through to Jersey

Second only to mount adams in the USA the next major Ufo hotspot in the world where Ufos are seen daily seems to be The Ufo " channel " in the UK:

The 'Ufo channel' in the UK is where Ufos seem to gather daily along the coast of the Uk going over the English channel to France. I have posted so many times over the years about sightings all this area that is not funny - something is going on in this coastal region.

Remember the Amazing sighting in 2007 where a credible pilot and his passengers saw a massive cigar ufo ... guess what this happened in the Ufo channel as well all these reports : Alderney Lights , the Jersey lights , the southamton lights and many more.

This is where Cardiff comes in thanks to this poster numerous Ufos have been filmed in the area - some people argue these are satellites but others beg to differ as you can see the orbs flying at different speeds in different directions (where as satellites follow a stationary orbit) . Another reasonable explanation could also be someone continually putting out Chinese lanterns from the UK mainland but not sure about this either?...

- would like your opinions on exactly what we are looking at on the below 3 videos:

Poster: i am seeing these almost everyday i can film, some travel from south to north, others travel in the opposite directions,they move at exactly the same speeds like the triangle of ufos i have seen and videod several times

here we are again i wanted to show you 2 days running i get to see these ufos travelling in two's and the difference from yesterday was these were travelling in a different direction to those filmed yesterday.

we see 2 ufos one moving faster than the other and passes the slower one

The go all the way to Jersey in France and look like this:
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Rob ter Horst said...


I have a night-camera and i see these light very-often.

Anonymous said...

Have heard a NASA guy remarking that they [NASA] are only engineers. So they do only technical things for others, like our military, govt, etc. So they cant perhaps open the doors to ufo knowhow for the public, perhaps. But for this a lot of energy is being spent. See this website:

If you select some of the pics and start photoshoping you'll be surprised.

Gregory Roman said...

Finally, a UFO Film that the entire family can enjoy...:)
Go here:

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