Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why so many Triangle Ufos recently ?

Triangle Ufos are really busy circling the globe at the moment - i can't keep up!

Why are we seeing so many triangle Ufos at the moment ? - i heard one theory is that triangle Ufos are surveyors probes - they often circle the the earth at certain times and report back what they find - could this be the case? is there some global survey going on again ? just an idea...

Please report if you have seen a triangle craft in your area.

Here are a few new ones for today - let me know what you think of them:

Ufo Nov 10 2009 Mississippi :

Triangle UFO in New Orleans Nov 2009

Yes another triangle Ufo over Italy UFO 8 nov 09
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Anonymous said...

Why ?

Because you keep reposting the same videos. ;) No, seriously, probably some new usa weapon surveying whatever of interest.

Anonymous said...

These are US military aircraft. TR-3b Astra.

Mantis said...

I scream and scratch my eyes out every time I see a shaking web video of a supposed craft!

Nick DK said...


How the hell can u post this crap matt??

the first video is a picture of a television were someone is flasing some light at diffent points to make it look like an objekt in the night sky.


Anonymous said...

oh, come on !!! the first video was a jet aircraft you can hear it !!!! things must be a little slow... pretty disappointing!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fools. The only known jet that even rises horizontally is the Harrier, and they don't usually have BIG spot light type things on them.

Secondly, they are WAY LOUDER than that "covert" jet sound fake out. These intelligences easily provoke your ignorance.

Thirdly, it makes no sense that our sneaky deceitful government would just "drop in" with complete disreguard for a low profile. They are "sneaks" wouldn't you say???

If you just use your "instincts" (if you have any left? God Love You) you will KNOW by what you SEE that this guys tape is an "average joe" cam clip.

To duplicate the consistent 'relative movement' of a "flashlight in a TV screen" to match his cam-shake would be a trick & a half! (LOL) Please show me how YOU would do that? I would love to see you try.

It would take a non-professional (myself for example)over 100 hours I'm sure to so accurately "set-up" a fake video like that. I mean, if it's fake, there would be some obvious signs which there are not.

As it "morphs" a little (changes form) you can see even smaller lights popping out around the larger ones. Come on people wake up!

You will be doing much crying later I promise you that. Your comments are such like a "kid" running around on an NFL game field with a game in progress. I will pray for you my friends~

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