Thursday, December 31, 2009

Russia to send spaceship to make sure Apophis Asteroid won't hit earth

Just heard this interesting news on the radio - Russia may send spaceship to knock threatening asteroid off course. Like Russia i dont trust NASA's cash trapped NEO (Near Earth Program )revised predictions on this one -they have been wrong numerous times , given little warning and have even missed recent asteroids. Good idea Russia is being proactive:

Anatoly Perminov (Head of the Russian Space Agency) said the agency was considering the creation of a mission to send a spacecraft to the Asteroid Apophis to cause a deflection in its orbit.

Apophis, a moderate-sized asteroid is reported to be around 800 feet in length and weighing around 1,000,000 tonnes. This would cause huge damage if it were to impact with the Earth – tsunamis of much greater force that the recent Boxing Day event; huge earthquakes and an significant effect on the atmosphere.

Apophis expected to pass close-by the Earth in 2029 and again in 2036. It is the 2036 passage that is causing some concern, as there is a small risk of impact.

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