Friday, June 29, 2012

The RB-47 UFO Incident, Duncanville, 1957

One of the most important UFO incidents in Duncanville occurred on July 17, 1957, when an Air Force Boeing Stratojet reconnaissance jet (RB-47) was followed by an unidentified object for a distance of well over 700 miles (1,100 km) and for a time period of more than one hour. The jet was pursued while flying from Mississippi, through Louisiana and Texas and into Oklahoma. The object was detected visually by the flight crew, by crew members using radar and electronic surveillance equipment on the aircraft, and by radar operators at the Duncanville Air Force Station :
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Nemesis said...

If the subject of UFO's were ever to become a Court case there is enough evidence available to prove that UFO's are something real and not a figment of one's imagination that some would have us believe.

This incident is just another nail in the skeptics coffin.

Anonymous said...

State of the art electronics, monitoring radar,is one thing! for 1957 but did they forget the very thing that could have backed it up!
The state of the art, "FILMING" as
well as the Pilots visual backup!?

I'm sorry to say,where is the "state of the art" today? when it comes to: LIGHTs seen in the sky, that can be anyones educated guess,that can be explained away!?
WITHOUT the state of art; radar backup, that could confirm: yes or no!?Thousands of sightings all round the world, & "no one" knows what they are,well some think they do! in as far as to say, they've never seen anything like it before!
but that can't mean that its ET.from out there!It just means,JUST THAT!!They have never seen anything like that before!!!!

It could be Earth manufactured!?
"as well,as from out there"

It could be an unmanned Drone,from anywhere!?

The Orbs I find puzzling!! you can say, just lights!and really, thats all you do see!but its what those lights are doing, that catches peoples attention,that suggests an
intellegence behind the movements!
Well don't get too carried away,because it could be only,artificial intellegence!? OK?
But yes, still intellegence!!

Its been said,and shown on Video,that these things make the Crop Circles, or at least some of them.I have shown that video to friends,whom, showed interest at first, then I received that unrewarding statemen: FAKE!!

So where can we go with all this state of the art!? while ETs & skepticism run rings around us?....

Anonymous said...

The big problem with ufos is their random and often short lived appearances which makes them nigh on impossible to study in the traditional sense.

I think once we get to grips with the quantum,multidimensional aspects of the multiverse we may come a little closer to understanding the profoundly puzzling reality of this phenomenon.

Perhaps the addition of a new scientific discipline which would be physics based but be called the study of temporal reality.This field of study would be usefull in the investigation of all so called paranormal phenomenon which is ignored by modern science today...

Nemesis said...

To the two anonymous commmentors. Is it only coincidence that the United States National Security Act was ushered into being in 1947 a few months after the Roswell incident?

Think about it. From the time of the NSA and its myriad agencies such as the CIA, the US government became very secretive indeed. Even today with FOI arrangements for obtaining government agency 'secrets' there are still some 'secrets' the public is denied access to.

It doesn't take much delving into history since 1947 to realize that we have been continually lied to about what is flying through our skies.

Anonymous said...

I am of the opinion now, that this
ufo.secrecy that is being kept from
us, is for a "very major reason"

There is a very powerful
I've heard it said! that "DO NOT" want this out! and if this secrecy
was to be divulged by the government,it would be so at there own peril.This,DO NOT want it known, about the reason they are here on Earth in amongst us, "NOT OFFICIALLY!!" This is a great reason why WE should make it OFFICIAL!!...because this are the ones,through the government,that are in control!?
To give more reasoning to this,look at what the ETs.can do with the "NUCLEAR MISSILEs"!!!
They can set them off! or they can close them down!...WHO IS IN CONTROL???

NO war is needed!...Just the threat of it,to stay in control!?

Its called the POWER of PEACE!!
but frankly!!?...who's peace of mind...........?

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