Friday, August 24, 2012

UFO Report! Knoxville, Tennessee: 21/08/2012

Did anyone else in Knoxville, Tennessee see these?
Poster comments: I was getting air in my tire at Westland Market and my sister's husband spotted the blue object in the sky and asked me to shoot this video. The noise in the background is the air compressor continuing to run after we finished with the air.
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skahooch21 said...

Unusual movement to be a terrestrial craft. These are my favorite UFO videos, the casual flight in the that maybe a handful of people notice. Goes to prove that since so many people don't look up, these can go virtually unnoticed!

Anonymous said...

Not far from the Government testing facility, Oakridge....

Anonymous said...

Not far from McGee Tyson airport; go out tonight and see similar again

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