Monday, August 20, 2012

Unidentified Object Sighted Over the USA

Poster has not advised where exactly this interesting UFO sighting has occurred yet.
Somewhere in the USA...
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Anonymous said...

I heard there's even shows teaching people how to do this.

Honestly this is about the same thing as I see over my town every night when the float planes try to land. People these days crap their pants over these video's and most of the time it's some hobbyist screwing around and getting kicks. Not to knock the site but is this the shape of things to come ? We all know there's really things out there but this just looks academic

Anonymous said...

Sparkling? not a UFO, just another preview for Twilight

skahooch21 said...

Wow, I love the fact that "Anonymous" leaves a bold statement....but signs no serious name! Nice way to show your opinion, tell you your site sucks and then leaves no name or room to counter argue!

People, please don't even post if you aren't even going to have the guts to tell people why your here other than trolling or making yourself look ignorant!

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