Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hot UFO Video In From Dallas,Texas: 13/08/2012

Just what were these lights seen over Dallas, Garland Texas on the 13th August? Any ideas?
It seems that the poster has filmed these lights on multiple occasions so it may be some sort of flight path or RC plane - maybe?
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Anonymous said...

This video is typical of the mass of nonsensical material being passed off as UFO footage at the moment.

It may well be unidentified but that's only because a)it's poor quality b) it's dark c) there's no corroborating information

It irritates me massively when questions like 'What could these lights be?' are asked in the description. How the heck can anyone rationally answer?!

The blog is becoming a tad boring with these red herrings. Please bring back the quality, not the quantity. Real UFO's - the clue's in the name!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Please bring back the quality postings. I am so tired of blogs that post anything with no standards whatsoever. "What could these lights be?" is indeed an irritating way to present these bogus videos. In effect, it absolves the poster of any responsibility for what is being posted.
Ooooooooo... what could these lights be? Ooooooooooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I'm beginning to think the owners of this site have been abducted and replaced by paid government disinformation guys who constantly post videos of lanterns to discredit the whole idea of ufos. :-/

Anonymous said...

now honestly-in the "fake" voting category,-how can a light 5 miles away be fake? i would need to know if their was any hovers,which could be a helio-,but-if it doesn't make any sound-it is very we DO NOT have ANYTHING,(that i know of),which has these two charateristics.......

Anonymous said...

I can identify, with Anonymous, on
that 6:36am.

Its absolutely correct!!
How can anyone,"RATIONALLY" answer
some of the videos,if they aren't clear enough to identify detail in them.I've thought this for a long time,but the answer given to me was;...If they were "CLEAR!!"


So,do you give up,Anonymous6:36am. or rest in peace!?:)...........0.0?

Anonymous said...

Was this video shot with a vintage 2005 Motorola Razr?

Bathtub said...

I'm puzzled that all the posts on here these days seem to be from a guy called Anonymous with a multiple personality disorder.
The phenomenon is a lot more interesting than grainy, interminably long videos of aircraft movements, stars, planets and sky lanterns.

Anonymous said...

Oh! come on Bathtub! you've been too long in that tub, to be calling personality disorder on us.
Are you saying,that you would be just as interested, in watching a "grainy" movie,as you would be, in making an informed & rational comment on SOME of these videos,that are sooo unclear, BLURRED if you will!? that they might as well be a painting of something that can't be
identified,and you would call that INTERESTING??? God love us! it dosn't take much to entertain you if this is the case!?

We are about a push for QUALITY!!

We need it in our buildings, our cars, our food, our Bathtubs:) AND
OUR VIDEOS!!!...Ooh! and by the way
how do you express.."body language"
that "CAN" enhance the point???
This has been a puzzle of mine,to make it CLEAR of your intent of mind in word...the face is not seen
or CAN IT BE..........?

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