Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Walter Haut's Final Roswell death bed Testimony on coast to coast

Walter Haut's Final Roswell death bed Testimony on coast to coast

Walter Haut was the Public Information Officer at Roswell Army Air Field on the day those "unusual events" took place. His testimony tallies with many others. Perhaps it's time to realise that a craft piloted by non-humans either crashed or was brought down in July 1947. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Just thinking out loud.

What if the UFO flight technology is reasonably easy for a nation to reproduce, once it's understood?

With the Cold War recently ended and nations such as Iran and S.Arabia promoting attacks on the West, it could mean that an almost unstoppable delivery vehicle of mayhem could be fielded by any power with the will to build one.

Perhaps the reasons for withholding the information isn't for some nefarious purpose, but simply to protect us from a greater harm.

Anonymous said...

i think that the media should now ask the goverment to explain wy such an important player like the Lt. Coronel would make such a statement.

Anonymous said...

All the children must grow up before they can play with bigger toys. Nuclear fusion is a good example.

Anonymous said...

Thinking out loud.

If you think you are more safe when you are ignorant. Please read 1984 by George Orwell.

Powers that be on either side (meaning US/Axis of Evil lol), instill fear of 'the enemy' in their own population so the people in turn will favor funding military projects.

All that fear mongering on either side is job-creation of the military.

Unless we all see this, it's unlikely wars will ever stop occuring.

A military victory is a contradiction in terms!

Anonymous said...

To Paranoid above,

Would you insist on releasing UFO tech if it could be used as a weapon?

I read 1984 when the title still referred to the future.
Now it's 23 years past that date and the only nations I can see around the planet that resemble the one in the book are on the side of the "Axis of Evil,Lol", as you put it.
I have no doubt that you see it differently. The "Lol" bit kinda gives you away.

Anonymous said...

Everything can be used as a weapon.

According to that logic, UFO tech can never be released.

I bet you haven't read 1984 because the UK and US resembles far more the nation depicted in the novel. If you don't come to that conclusion, you havent read the book properly.

Patriot Act ? LOL!
Homeland Security ? LOL!

Do the LOL's still give me away?

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