Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cape May, New Jersey -Triangle Lights / Silent TR-3B: 10/6/2012

Slow moving triangle UFO filmed over Cape May New Jersey 10/6/12 Triangle Lights:
Filmers comments:
Very slow moving triangular object with lights on the three corners. Seemed very large and silent. I first noticed the UFO hovering off the shore and then moved inland. I was parked at S Broadway and Beach Ave in Cape May, NJ. I had my Sony NEX-C3 in the car with me so I happened to catch this. As I drove towards Beach Ave which is on the beach, I saw 3 lights in a triangle. I then pulled over and recorded the object. I zoomed in and out and it moved slowly from over the shoreline to inland. I heard no sound and it seemed be large. It continued on beyond my sight.

UFO Lights Up Göteborg, Sweden: 09/10/2012

UFO Sweden Göteborg 2012.10.09

As promised here is the first expected sighting of yesterday. The rest of the footage/material will show up within the next 24 hours, so keep an lookout on my channel and on our facebook. I implore everyone to watch the video which was uploaded yesterday "Video report about massive UFO incident 2012.10.09 in Sweden (Göteborg)" Or visit the facebook group "UFO-Sävedalen" for further information about the events that took place last night in Göteborg (Sweden)

Low Flying UFO - Santa Fe, New Mexico: 22/09/2012

UFO light over Santa Fe, New Mexico:

A bright Object in the sky across from the moon. A few other motorists saw the same thing.
Santa Fe, New Mexico - 09-22-12 Shape: Diamond - Duration: 30 minutes Diamond shaped object in sky at sunset; we have video. We came out of a local business a little before sunset about 7 PM, and there was a HUGE bright light in the sky. I knew right away that it WAS NOT Venus; it was too big and bright. We could tell without an eye aid that it was shaped funny and NOT round. When we got home we used a small single lens device to look at the LIGHT. I could tell it was shaped like a diamond. I ran into the house and grabbed my Canon Power Shot S2 IS camera and recorded a video of it... when we played it back we could tell that it was almost glowing bluish like the lights were coming from the inside of it; like the new halogen lights in car headlights. It never moved. It sat there very still and looked eerie...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Live Redbull Stratos Launch + 3 UFO's?

Were they balloons or UFOs, seen on the live feed of the RedBull stratos launch?
Your comments appreciated - we received multiple emails from readers about this today:
"Hi, i'm watching the Redbull Stratos lauch site live and there is 3 or 4 UFO's hoovering in the sky."

As part of Red Bull’s Stratos mission to the edge of space, Felix Baumgartner will ascend for three hours in a stratospheric balloon to 120,000 ft or around 36.58km. He will make a freefall jump to the earth, reaching supersonic speeds. His supporting team of expert includes retired United States Air Force Colonel Joseph Kittinger, who holds three of the records Baumgartner is attempting to break. Kittinger’s record jump from 102,800 ft in 1960 was during a time when no one knew if a human could survive a jump from the edge of space. Kittinger was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force and had already taken a balloon to 97,000 feet in Project ManHigh and survived a drogue mishap during a jump from 76,400 feet in Excelsior I. Read more

UFO Ovni Lights - Teocaltiche Jalisco, Mexico?

Posters comments
This UFO has time appearing here Teocaltiche Dr. Franco of jal. to what observed for a long time and is only visible to the cameras in nightshot mode - not the naked eye is not visible, or with cameras that do not have infrared.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Bright Red UFOs! Feasterville, Pennsylvania: 07/09/2012

These bright red UFOs were filmed over Feasterville, Pennsylvania recently on the 7th of September.
If anyone else in PA saw these lights recently we would love to hear from you as a reply to this post.
It seems that the state overall, is a major UFO hotspot:

Mufon eyewitness report:
A friend and I were in my backyard chatting when we noticed two glowing red orbs appear a bit below normal plane level in the middle of the open sky. It was a starry night with no clouds. Shocked, I took out my cell phone and began filming. My friend also took his out but his camera was worse than mine and couldnt get much of an image so he stopped recording. I began recording about 15 seconds into the event. When I first saw the objects I had no idea what they might be or how to describe them besides a brilliantly glowing set of red/orange orbs. My friend who was with me has a bit of a science background and about a minute into the event he began speculating that we could be looking at some sort of plasma. At first I thought my video was poor quality due to the obviously terrible lighting conditions. But after doing much research I think I may have actually gotten some valuable footage due to the relatively close proximity of the object to me and my smartphone having a half decent camera. Whereas most videos I have seen the objects appeared to be much further away. How I wish I had a better camera around. The movement of the objects appeared very strange. One appeared to be motionless and hovering in place. While the other began to slowly circle it like the hand of a clock going counter clockwise. At first the objects had a steady unwavering glow and after about 2 minutes began to flicker out of both eye and camera sight. The camera doesnt do justice to the brilliant glow of these objects. After much research I am convinced that what I saw was certainly neither a military flare or a sky lantern. I am posting this in hopes that I might aid to a real investigation into this world wide phenomenon. Apparently Pennsylvania is one of the hottest areas for this kind of activity from what I have read. Thanks in advance to any investigators who dedicate some of their time from this and any information would be greatly appreciated. Lets find out what is in our skies! P.S. Sorry about all the profanity in the video, I was freaked out/excited and didnt realize how much I started cursing.

7 Lights In Thunderstorm - Mexico

Not sure what to make of this - a strong of lights taken during a thunderstorm, and shows an array of seven lights in the sky. It they are part of an LED kite it would be a big mistake flying this during a storm . Your thoughts appreciated on this strange video...

Monday, October 08, 2012

UFOs Fly By - Detroit, Michigan USA: 6/10/2012

2 Parallel UFOs above Detroit, Michigan:
Note: please view in full screen:

Took this video and the pictures heading north on Racho rd Towards Heritage park, with my daughters, at first I counted 11 objects Traveling at high speeds east to west direction above Detroit, MI On the pictures clearly visible 7 objects and in the short video 3 objects Thanks for watching

Readers Personal Sightings: October 2012

Hi all,
Please remember, if you wish to share your sightings to submit them to us using the "submit" button in the top-right side of the website. If you wish to add feedback to a report submitted, just reply to this postHere are some great personal sightings sent in by our readers this month!

King city Ontario Canada 
Sunday October 7th 2012 My son and I observed a oval aircraft with bright lights and a glowing hew ...very close and roaring sound with was not like anything we have ever seen before.It flew in to the clouds after observing it very clearly it was flying low right over our head . This was just before 8:30 King city Ontario Canada...very interesting aircraft I must say!!!! 

Maryland USA
On Friday October 5 at approximately at 8:00pm EDT, my friend and I were outside when we saw a triangular shaped object flying across the sky with 7 lights arranged in a triangular shape. At first we thought it was a plane, but after the object disapeared, a plane flew over and that's when we noticed some things with the object made it very different from the plane. 1)The plane and object were flying at the same altitude. The plane made noise but, the object didn't. 2)There were 7 lights on the object that were arranged in a triangular shape and they didn't blink.The airplane had 5 lights that didn't really have a specific shape and some of them were blinking. 3)The object was much bigger than the airplane. 

Spring Texas
On Oct. 4 at 9:30pm I was outside with the dog and looked up in the sky and saw a UFO. It had a solid white light, a blinking white light and 2 light blue lights on the side. It was traveling from south to north and made a complete 360 degree turn and continued north where I lost sight of it as it went over the horizon and behind some trees. It appeared to be traveling at about 20,000 to 30,000 ft in altitude and at the speed of a satellite and it made no noise. It did not have the standard aviation navigation lights that all airplanes are required to have. I live close to Houston George Bush airport and I see airplanes every night and occasionally helicopters at all altitudes. What I saw was neither.

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, india 
Date 3rd october 2012, time 18 00 Hrs Indian std time, place jamshedpur, Jharkhand, india coordinate 22.8000° N, 86.1800° E iT was partially clouded sky , just getting dark with few of stars visible above head. we were siting on garden bench when we noticed a bright bluish light( appearing about 100 mm diameter) almost in centre of sky near a bright star moving from west to east ( at some angle towards south) at good speed . we watched it awfully for few second trying to make out what it and about to take our mobile phone to take photo, it appeared as if a small patch of cloud has come and stopped the view but we expected to see in few seconds as its sped was preety fast but to our suprise that bluish object was not anywhere in the sky. initially we thought cloud has moved but then we observed cloud was almost static for long time with respect to other two starts in the sky. It was not aeroplane as I keep looking at their blinking lights , neither it was shooting star. it appears like star but of very high magnitude bigger than serius star and strong blue in color. can you help me in unde rstaning what was this. i assumed it to be satellite but Iam not sure about its speed and then all off sudden it vanished.

 Sacramento Ca:
About three years ago my wife and I were coming to Sacramento Ca from Reno Nv. About 25 to 3o miles from the Boomtown casino on hwy 80 going toward Sacramento Ca, We both saw some kind of craft just hanging in the sky and not moving. It had the very exact same colors that the craft had in the UFO episode which featured the Iranian F4 pilot. We saw this craft when we came into a valley on hwy 80. I dmit I was somewhat skeptical before we saw this UFO Just hanging in the sky and not moving. We both tried to ignore this UFO and it remained in view for at least 10 minutes and we finally went out of sight of this object. Again, it was the same exact configuration and color as the UFO in the Iranian pilot episode