Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Hampshire Airport - Drone Or UFO?

The video shows what looks to be a plane without wings over New Hampshire Airport. Such a craft may be a military drone but the sighting remainins unexplained...
Any ideas what this may be?
Posters comments: What is this? I'm pretty sure it's not a plane. We live near an airport and see planes all the time. As a matter of fact we saw 2 planes not 10 seconds before this appeared. Does anyone know what this is? I'm tagging this as a UFO because I don't know what it is - not because I believe it's an ET craft.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cigar Shaped UFO Over Patrocínio, Minas Gerais Brazil 19/07/2012

Do you think this is a a large weather ballon or a cigar shaped UFO?
The UFO (or ovni) was filmed over Patrocínio, Minas Gerais in Brazil .
It seems that this region of Brazil in Minas Gerai, is one of the most active UFO hot spots in 
South America, (strangely it's region containing the worlds most crystal mines) 
Please view in full screen mode:

UFO's On Camera Over France, 17/07/2012

UFO footage filmed over France.
They may be lanterns - your comments welcome:
Poster comments:
I filmed the UFO from my patio at 17/07/2012 4:03 AM. At first I only saw the two big bright spots .. If you see ​​carefuly, there is a tiny point in the middle and on the right of two balls that flash slightly from 18 sec (it is super fast and discreet, It looks like a signal light aircraft) actually I've noticed that in reviewing it that it looks strange .... which leads us to assume that if it is a triangular craft then it is really awesome.

UFO's? Bright Craft Over Farm: Pan-Handle 15/05/ 2012

What exactly where these helicopters or craft doing over this farm late at night in thick fog?
As the original footage was apparently deleted, I don't know if this is Pan-Handle Texas or Florida.
All we know is that it said it was filmed in May 15, 2012. Is it a clever CGI ? A helicopter delivering farm equipment at night? Your feedback on this video is appreciated - also if anyone can provide further information on the exact location it would be great. Just what is happening here?

Traingle UFO Hovers - But Where?

Sent in by a reader, no further details as yet. Shows what looks like a triangle UFO hovering and then moving slowly. Really does look like its quite legitimate and the footage seems to be captured from a smart phone?
You can almost see the 3D depth of the object:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mysterious UFO Or Meteor Crash Near Reno, Nevada: 09/06/2012

Something crashed near Reno, Nevada and so far no one has any idea what it was.
Apparently it was determined that it wasn't an aircraft.
If anyone can add to this report it would be appreciated:

"Reno, Nev. (KRNV &— Firefighters say they are still trying to determine the cause of a fire that broke out on Desert Way between Rio Rangler and Alexander Lake just before 11:00 p.m. Sunday night. 
 Witnesses tell News 4 they saw an aircraft crash at the site of the fire, but firefighters would not say if they found any pieces of aircraft and they suspect it could have been a meteor. Firefighters say airport officials have confirmed all planes are accounted for.

Retired Air Force Colonel Was Ordered To Debunk UFO's

Retired Air Force Colonel Dick French, claims he investigated UFO sightings, and was ordered to debunk them:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

US Military: Hypersonic X-plane To Fly By 2016

The US Military aims to fly a hypersonic plane at 20 times the speed of sound, by 2016.
The triangle cone shaped X-plane will travel incredibly at Mach 20 (20,900 km/h),  making it capable of flying any place on earth in less than an hour!.
The Hypersonic plane has been developed in response to the advancing abilities in stealth and counter-stealth warfare countries like China and other nations have, who could threaten the military dominance of the USA.
DARPA, The US Governments Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency has focused all research on developing this craft so that they can create a bomber able to reach any target on the globe in under an hour.  However, there are still many technological hurdles to cross in development as a craft flying at Mach 20 would experience temperatures in excess of 1920C, which is hot enough to melt steel. 
You can then start to understand why back engineering a recovered UFO makes perfect sense - and why knowledge of this is kept top secret due to the significant technological advantages it provides to the military.  Many in the UFO community believe material such as the metal recovered from the downed Roswell craft displayed properties of being extremely light but at the same time very strong and highly resistent to heat. Was this no co-incidence?
Video the Hypersonic X-plane:

Uncannily similar to a triangle UFO? The cone shaped X-plane currently in development:

The Roswell Memory Foil metal:
In this video Dr Roger Leir talks about the sample of the Roswell memory metal which apparently had properties of super strength and ability to resist all temperatures:

An important note:
 The National Security Act was passed just 5 months after the Roswell crash in July 1947, this was the point when the Government knew that the UFO phenomenon was definitely the result of extraterrestrial inter-planetary craft. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

UFO Sighting Over Campbelltown Australia 6/07/2012

Using an infrared camera, this man in Australia filmed a strange UFO Orb and a massive contrail following it. The man filming it seems quite genuine and the footage is really odd. For your reference, Campbelltown is a region west from the city area of Sydney, Australia.
We would like your feedback on this video:

Glowing UFO Orbs: Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium, China. 15/07 2012

 White glowing UFO Orbs over Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium, China. July 15, 2012

Readers Personal UFO Sightings

Our readers personal UFO sighting submissions for July 2012. 
Please note if you would like to submit your sighting, or have UFO news or videos you think we have missed that may be relevant to the site, please use the 'submit report' link on the site above to send in to us.

Queensland Australia 16th july 
At approx 7pm on 16th July 2012 a family friend and I were discussing some strange lights that he and his family had watched moving in the sky over Moggill QLD. My friend pointed out one of the lights that had been stationary for over 15 minutes, as we talked the light began to move in an easterly arc across the sky, grow dim then dissappear. Prior to this there had been three lights in total, about the same brightness of a star in a tirangular formation, they would flash like a torch light, then move into a line, then back out into a triangular formation, eventualy two moved and dissappeared, leaving only one light. I have no explanantion for this, it was dark and the sun had set so not a satellite, nor was it any aircraft as no navigation lights present.

Cornelius North Carolina 4th July 
Formation flight of three orange glowing silent objects above Cornelius, NC Video:   

Last night, July 3rd, there were a lot of people in the neighborhood shooting off fireworks. There were sparkles all over the sky in my neighborhood. (makes me wonder if all of these things are legal) but I enjoyed watching them. At one moment, probably about 10 pm, as the sky to the east of me was lit up with sparkling fireworks going up rapid fire and exploding into lights, I saw one light just underneath them that was just a continuous glow not moving up but moving from south to north very fast. It was about maybe 10 times as large as the other sparkling lights and didn't go out. I immediately realized this was something flying. I thought "could it be a helicopter?" I see a lot of helicopters and planes flying by from time to time and when they are at a height that you can barely see them, you can hear them loud and clear and there was absolutely no noise other than the screams and pops of bottle rockets and other fireworks. I don't know what it was. I have never seen anything odd in the sky that I can't explain before, so I find this kind of exciting. The size of the light was big enough that it was a little bigger than the sun looks during the day but it wasn't any brighter than the fireworks. The light was yellow and it moved very fast. It passed through the sky where I could see it in a matter of less than a minute.

USA July 2010
Sitting on roof of house, sky watching with husband. a globe the color of a light bulb, but a basketball could fit inside this globe. a tiny satellite behind it, winked out, after coming over the trees. globe moved slow and low. as it got over the road, it winked out too. a few days later. husband was on the roof. I came up about 10 minutes later. he said to turn around quick and look. same globe topping the hill across the road. but, he did not see it cross the sky as it was bright. we keep watching, but has not seen it again.

On Flight  Singapore to London 
April, 2008, on a flight from Singapore to London seated in cattle class on the left side of the aircraft and in a window seat. At 3am Singapore time, and flying at 989 Klm an hour at 11,000 mtrs over the Indian/Pakistan border, noted an intermittent flashing red light, like a strobe but quicker, which appeared to be in cloud formation at the rear of the aircraft. What got my attention with this light was the jump in height it seemed to take every time it flashed. One second it would be level with the aircraft until it flashed and then it would appear to be thousands of feet below. On the next flash it would then be hundreds or thousands of feet above the aircraft. It was weird! But what really got my attention was when my wife, sitting next to me in the middle seat, pointed out a white almond shaped object which was keeping pace with us, but was positioned more toward the front of the aircraft and I believe in a position where the pilots would have had a great view of it. This was a classic disc shaped object which was about the size of my little fingernail when I placed it against the window for a size comparison. It was completely lit all over by a dull white light which would pulsate brighter every two or so seconds. I also noted at this time that we were above overcast which was quite thick and every time the object pulsated the light it generated would light up the cloud underneath! I was totally fascinated, as was everyone else on the aircraft who were watching it. This was the fourth sighting in my time and the best, as it was the closest. The object stayed pacing us for about ten minutes before slowly picking up speed and moving off. Interesting, that while this was going on the cabin crew made themselves busy by pulling down the sunshade on some passengers windows. However they didn't try it with me. I also got the impression while watching this fascinating object, that I was being watched by someone or something in that craft! I have no idea if the red flashing light and the disc shaped craft were related. That can be anybody's guess.

Update UFOs Over Los Angeles LA July 15

More UFOs seen this week again over Los Angeles.
This time on July 15 they were filmed in the Santa Monica area.
We would like to hear from you if you also witnessed these lights, please reply to this post if you have.

UFO Video - West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA: 7/14/2012

UFO West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA July 14, 2012

Mass UFO Sighting in Michigan 10/07/2012

Michigan UFO sighting reported on July 10, 2012:
Note: If you also saw these lights in the area please respond to this post whith a description of what you saw, thanks.

On July 10, 2012 residents in several towns across northern Michigan witnessed a massive fleet of UFO orbs hovering in the night sky. The military has claimed the lights were flares being used in a training exercise. This is a ridiculous explanation of course since the orbs never descended to the ground and maintained a precise formation. One of the witnesses said: "It looked like it was coming straight towards us in the sky, and once it changed directions, that was the odd part, that it changed it's course." Flares don't changed course. These orbs are obviously intelligently controlled. Not flares.
Source read more

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hovering UFO Ovni Over Trajectory: Mexico Tijuana 09/07/2012

At first I thought this object was a balloon, but I'm posting for your feedback on what you think it may be? The object was seen hovering above Tijuana in Mexico on Monday, 9th of July

UFO Video: California 2012

An interesting UFO video from a few months ago.
Filmed over Los Angeles, California this was brought to my attention by a reader:

Poster comments:
This object left with direction to los angeles this ufo was in the air for more then 3 hours

Sunday, July 15, 2012

UFO Video From Plane, Queensland Australia: 11/04/2012

A new UFO video sent in by a reader showing what looks like a huge black shadow ring, passing the aircraft.
Possibly a cloaked craft or even a black smoke ring? I would like your feedback on this footage:
I also want to remind everyone that this is one reason why I highly recommend when you fly to take a window seat, keep an eye on the skies outside and have your video cameras and smart phones ready - its is surprising how many people infact do see UFOs from within an aircraft these days!

Filmers comments:
 Footage of a luminescent UFO shadow caught over Queensland, Australia in Qantas QF 98 flight from Hong Kong HKG to Brisbane ADL, Australia. The cabin was undergoing turbulence, over 30 000 feet above the ground. The incredibly large, circular shadow, seems to be cast by an object much closer to the ground than the plane, but invisible to the human eye. The shadow lit up the ground noticeably, which is the opposite of a shadow's normal behavior.

Just a note : Please remember to keep the Ufo video submissions coming!.
If you have Ufo news, videos or stories to share submit them by using our 'submit report' link above.
Keep  your eyes to the Skies!

Bright UFO Lights Over Los Angeles, California 14/07/2012

Quite a few people over the Los Angeles area saw these bright lights yesterday. I am unsure if they are Chinese Lanterns, but have posted for your feedback and discussion:

2 UFOs Over Gouy-Lez-Piéton, Belgium: 15/07/2012

Also in Belgium, two UFO's were recently spotted over Gouy-Lez-Piéton, on July 15, 2012.
If you live in Belgium we would like to hear from you if you recently spotted any UFO lights or if over the course of the last 20 years you spotted a large triangle craft.

Posters comments: That night, July 15, 2012, at 0:05, I saw two UFOs by the window, I went to get my camera, but two were missing, I waited a bit and two others arrived, so I could shoot .

UFO Lights Above New Zealand - West Auckland: 14/7/2012

Calling anyone in Auckland New Zealand! Did you also see these strange lights recently?

Posters comments:
At approximately 8:45 pm on the 14th of July 2012 we went outside and looked at the night sky to see what appeared to be a fleet of ufos. They were around 20+ in number or more, traveled in a line formation and glowed orange-red. We tried to record as best possible with our camera and then lightened the footage with Windows Move Maker. The lights rose from the ground up and over the sky and disappeared around West Auckland area. They were not Chinese lanterns.
 The lights on the ground are house lights and street lights and the left hand side large light is a street light and with tree reflection however some of the ufo orbs do appear flickering in the sky above and you can also hear our reaction to seeing this. At the end of the first video recording we also witnessed a black orb moving in a totally different direction towards the ground off into the distance where we stopped recording and tried to take photos of it.

The 1989 -1990 Belgium UFO Wave

Was watching some old episodes of Unsolved Mysteries and the Belgium UFO wave has to be one of the most important and interesting UFO cases ever.

With the Belgium Airforce coming forward to confirm a primary radar target - being that of the large triangle UFO - it is a highly credible case. It was a mass sighting, with up to 7000 people seeing the triangular UFO's on multiple occasions during the years 1989 to 1990.
There are similarities with the 1997 Phoenix lights, as the UFO was in the shape of an enormous triangle seen by many and in close proximity to the ground. A commonality with these triangle UFOsightings is the a large red light at the centre of the triangles.
Photos of the Belgium triangle Ufos:
If your a Big Ufo documentary fan and don't have it this really is a must have for your collection - The Unsolved Mysteries 4 DVD Disc Set: The Complete UFO 26 Episode Collection : 
Ufo's , Government Cover-ups , Alien Encounters , Roswell , Alien Abductions And More : 4 Disc Set - 618 Minutes!
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