Thursday, July 19, 2012

Retired Air Force Colonel Was Ordered To Debunk UFO's

Retired Air Force Colonel Dick French, claims he investigated UFO sightings, and was ordered to debunk them:
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Anonymous said...

i love it !!more & more credible witnesses are coming forward,it seems like everyday...more witnesses for the disclosure project....which i might add,is taking FOREVER to happen....

Anonymous said...

Yes Anonymous!...disclosure is taking forever to happen, because we are receiving it slowly, for some time now.In away,this is a good thing because it gives time to
discover,and learn about what wasn't known about before,time to get over the shock of: discovery,time to talk,time to see for yourself,time to adjust, time to get over anger, time to understand that this story is so deep rooted & vast, almost beyond comprehension, I would say, for some!...While the POLITICIANS of this world, are counting their votes,& saying there is no real evidence that extraterrestrials exist!? While WE know better now, don't we? or why are we here? get past the doubt? because we have been soooo ingrained with away of life, that is so different to what NOW, we seem to be discovering, and with EVIDENCE so much OUT THERE!!?

A COURT would have no trouble scratching their head over.

So could this year 2012.bring some disclosure to what we all think we have discovered?...bearing in mind
alot of disinformation,out there!?

Meaning..whats TRUE? & what isn't?
that we think we understand, it IS a point of view for alot of us!

Like witnesses yes? To a car accident!...SAME store! but told from a different point of view.
Who saw what differently?.........

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