Saturday, February 06, 2010

Star shaped Ufo follows car during tip - Mexico Jan 2010

Waiting on the translation for this one but it does look interesting - a star shapped object apparently followed this couples car during a trip in mexico in January 2010:

Bright objects near scotland Power plant Jan 2010

Bright lights near what looks like some power plant in scotland jan 2010.. they may be lanterns so i am not sure:

Mystery object seen near brazilian air force

This man captured what seems to be a strange oject trailing behind the brazilian air force show in May 2009.. may be a bird but it does look disc like ..
Here's the full untouched Image: any comments?

The planes of the acrobactic squadron of the brazilian air force were passing low over my neighborhood. These photos were taken from the same window of the sunset ones. Note in the photo DSCN8515, a small object on the left, behind the planes. At that time, I speculated with friends that it could be a bird, insect or even a cigarette thrown by someone on a higher floor (I live on the 4th). It looks like having volume to me, with a shadow and lighter on the top. I've never seen something, I couldn't explain, only these two objects.

Credit to bernardo
His sunset images of some jet trail from the same window of another object previously:

Mystery Object In Space. Michio Kaku On Fox

That mystery object i wrote about earlier this week mas drawn the attention of physicist Dr Michio Kaku on fox today:

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Disclosure progress - Stephen Bassett talks on The Veritas Show

The progress of Ufo disclosure since 2009
(and yes to all those who asked ...i will be adding a modified veritas streaming player back on the site on the right of the site)!
Stephen Bassett discussed the disclosure movement and why the Obama administration has not disclosed, given the fact they have the best opportunity of doing so. In addition, Bassett discussed the exopolitical movement and summarized the year. Different post-disclosure scenarios were discussed, rendering this show a must for the disclosure movement.

My Fave Ufo probe video

One of my fav videos - Filmed in london , this old footage shows some probe moving over and onto a bridge:

Night vision reveals some weird lights UFO Wars on Night Vision Goggles Video

Good news! - Chinese Lanterns may be banned in the UK

As you all know Chinese lanterns are a major nuisance to Ufology as they are often mistaken for Ufos because they hover very high and have no sound. So its great to hear they may be banned in the UK.
This will give us better chance to pay closer attention to the real thing.
Peers are calling on the Government to ban Chinese paper lanterns, because of a risk to cows, sheep and other livestock.

Sales of Chinese lanterns have increased dramatically in the last two years The House of Lords called for an end to their use following concerns expressed by the National Farmers' Union.

The large paper lanterns, each containing a candle and made of paper and a wire frame, are often released into the air to mark weddings, birthdays or other celebrations.They can drift for several miles and land in rural fields. Baroness Janet Fookes says the pretty decorations pose a danger to animals. A cow died recently after eating a piece of a lantern's wire frame, which ruptured its stomach.

Lantern frames are harmful to animals .The lanterns have also caused the death of a foal, which was put down after injuring itself on a fence after being spooked by the mysterious floating light.

 As well as raising concern for animal welfare, the lanterns are frequently mistaken for UFOs as they drift across towns and cities. Rural affairs minister Bryan Davies has urged manufacturers to make the lanterns biodegradable.

They have been banned in parts of China after being deemed a fire hazard, as well as causing delays to dozens of flights

Read more - source

Friday, February 05, 2010

Australian RADAR anomalies 22 january 2010

Australian RADAR the bureau of meterology  has had some weird rings appear during recent storm forecasts.
Is it no co-incidence that during the same time the images appeared, NASA reported the presence of the  storm olga in australia highly unsual?
 Some people think this storm may be HAARP related:

News about this from Colin Andrews:

Questions from myself and other residents within Australia began falling into E-mail In-boxes of the Bureau of Meteorology asking for explanations about these bizarre radar patterns. There have been a few replies but ostensibly you will see that they generally claim that individual radar equipment has a problem or that the radar rain return adjustments were set too low. Still the strange returns were seen and not from one radar station but many. Why then was this problem now suddenly and mysteriously wide spread across the continent? It was not just strange symmetrical patterns that were unusual and according to some experts unique but the weather itself was bizarre and even worrying.

Tropical storm Olga strengthened and weakened three times and was noted as unusual by NASA. The storm grew into a cyclone and then began its hand held behavior into the very regions that seriously needed the water. A new Low system formed over Melbourne within hours of a huge energy pattern appearing on radar over the city. That low, called here The Melbourne Low moved north and then west where it modified Olga which itself then began its move back towards Melbourne. A
whole series of new 'energy bursts' seen on radar (perhaps unexpectedly and unintentionally) seemingly positioned like billiard balls pushing the weather busting Olga directly over the birth place of the Low and out to sea. Mission accomplished perhaps.

Continued reading -source

A closer look at the "Red Orbs" in Moscow on October,2nd,2009

Zoomed in - Flying Objects in Moscow on October,2nd,2009 at 21.38

February 2, 2010 UFO lights Niagara Falls

A few months ago we have a rush of ufo sightings over Niagara.
Feb 2nd they are back:

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Astronomers stumped - More images of that puzzling Object

closeups of that image that is puzzling astronomers :

Object has left scientists puzzled; it is NOT a comet streaking through space. It was first spotted early January 2010 so astronomers turned the Hubble telescope on it to get these close up images.
The object — named P/2010 A2 — is of a type never before seen by stargazers and orbits in a satellite belt between Mars and Jupiter. Despite its tail they have ruled out it being a comet, as there is no gas in its trail.
Explanation: What is this strange object? First discovered on ground based LINEAR images on January 6, the object (now named P/2010 A2) appeared unusual enough to investigate further with the Hubble Space Telescope last week. What Hubble saw indicates that P/2010 A2 is unlike any object ever seen before. At first glance, the object appears to have the tail of a comet. Close inspection, however, shows a 140-meter nucleus offset from the tail center, very unusual structure near the nucleus, and no discernable gas in the tail


Meteor Fireball Spotted In Ireland - news report

More news just in on that fireball over Ireland:

Members of the public throughout the country have been reporting sightings of a fireball in the skies this evening.

Tommy Moore from Astronomy Ireland said a space rock collided with the earth’s atmosphere at about 6pm, showering debris over many parts of the country.

Mr Moore said: “A major explosion happened in the sky over Ireland. We think it’s a fireball, that’s a rock from space the earth has slammed into and they burn up as huge shooting stars. This one appears to have lit up the whole country. The phones here in Astronomy Ireland are going crazy.”

One man told his local radio station: “I saw the ball of fire just above the trees. I rang the emergency services. I thought it was a helicopter.” Another said: “I thought it was a bright gas cylinder. It seemed to get brighter as it was approaching the ground.”

Source continue reading

breaking News - Meteor Sighting Over Navan Co. Meath IRELAND 03/02/2010

Infrared camera captures Orbs - Argentina Jan 2010

Footage of an orb or ufo which was only viseable to the infrared camera . This video was taken in Argentina on 24th January 2009 at 8:40 pm.

Reader captures V formation on camera

One of our readers sent me this very interesting photo which reveals a 'v-shapped' object in the distance.
Further details to come on this one...  does any one have further opinion on what this may be?
Credit to Linda P for this one:
 Her comments: took this photo at 2 am in the morning in Oct of 2009. This was in Bloomington, Ca. there were about 5 witnesses outside watching as the little yellow light was shooting at the blue ball. When I took the photos the blue ball was NOT seen in the sky. but as the yellow light disappeared, and I looked back at the pictures, the blue ball appeared! I wouldn't mind you posting it up! 
Close up - what is it?

Ufos going past the sun ?

New footage of an object seen passing by the sun yet again.
This privately caught footage challenges NASA's claims its recent video footage was revealing a 'glitch'

UFO crossing the face of the sun
Enviado por noibegmiy. - Ver mais videos cientificos

A BRITISH stargazer has taken an amazing video of a UFO crossing the face of the sun.
Malcolm Park was taking a series of photos of the huge star through a specially filtered telescope when a strange object began to drift across it.

Malcolm, of South West London, said: "I was recording activity on the sun when I caught this strange encounter. It looks like an irregularly-shaped lump of rock and is clearly rotating very quickly

Read more - source

Objects over Acapulco, Mexico

Recently over Acapulco a large collection of objects was caught in the sky.
A fleet of Ufos, ballons, flock of birds - you decide:

Mystery object leaves astronomers puzzled

A new Mystery object has astronomers puzzled over what it is:

The mystery object, located 100 million miles from Earth, may really be the aftermath of a hypervelocity collision between two asteroids -- like a bullet hitting another bullet. Whatever it is, nothing quite like it has ever before been seen in the heavens.

The comet-like object, called P/2010 A2, was first discovered by the LINEAR (Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research program) sky survey on January 6. Telescopes around the world turned their attention to it.

Comet expert David Jewitt of UCLA quickly applied for special discretionary time on the Hubble Space Telescope to get a close-up look at the object. Hubble pictures take on January 25 and 29 left everyone speechless

Read more - source

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

People witness Ufos over Perm Russia Jan 9 2010

Video - Ufos are animation only to explain story

Residents of the city of Perm, in Russias Ural region, say that they could see a strange object in the sky. The object, eyewitnesses said, was hanging in the air above the city, scanned the area with a beam of light and even let off several passengers. The people did not specify what kind of passengers they were exactly and how they disembarked from what seemed to be a spaceship
A woman saw a strange object in the window at about 2-4 oclock a.m. She woke up her daughter and asked her to take a look at the strange sight. The two women could see a disk-like object sending three glittering beams of light on the ground.
Many city residents discussed the strange object on local forums.
Nikolai Subbotin, the director of RUFOS research station said the specialists of the station were investigating the information about the appearance of a UFO above Perm on January 9

Monday, February 01, 2010

South American ufo news

News report looking at sightings in south america and mexico - translation anyone?

Triangle Shape orbs Glasgow jan 2010

Filmed over Glasgow jan 2010

UFO in Moscow on January,30th,2010

Original video of 3 Undefined Flying Objects in Moscow on January,30th,2010 at 20.32.
Anyone in moscow out there who saw this? please comment.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Orbs moving - buenos aires 29 th Jan 2010

Hmm .. would like your comments of these 2 videos . at first one is some bright orb buzzing over  buenos aires Argentina  29 th Jan 2010 ( ovni = ufo)

Also some one sent me this footage of some triangle craft today as well .. but the lights blink on this one so not sure what to make of it...

China reports - similar objects to those over Newfoundland ?

With the mystery of that object over Newfoundland going unsolved many people in canada and the media are frustrated with the governments response to the sighting:

The reluctance of the RCMP to share what they uncovered during their investigation of the objects, combined with the continuing reassurances of the saftey of Canadians by the federal government has not put Newfoundlanders at ease over the sighting. Indeed, while many Canadians have had some fun with the story, others have left comments on news sites saying in effect that if the sighting had been anywhere else but Newfoundland, the government would be taking the matter very seriously. source

Some people are saying the objects may be similar to those like the one below often seen over shanghai China - what are your thoughts? ....
Chinese ufologists generally agree that they are just the result of plane exhaust fumes reflecting the sun in slightly changed atmospheric conditions. Another less likely possibility is a comet and of course military rockets (although this need not be the case) :

Triangle Orb 1/1/2010

We keep seeing triangular orbs in this formation, year after year.. lanterns tied together as a trick or something really happening here people?

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Triangle ufo formation Cardiff Ufo 29th Jan 2010

Just goes to show you that footage from Cardiff in the UK is not likely a satellite -
Below Triangle Ufo formatiom Taken at 6.23pm, that occured within 10 minutes of previous video.

Cardiff UK - the linked objects again

Great footage from Cardiff in the UK again 29th Jan 2010: