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UPDATE - recovered Debris now not from Air France A330 Airbus + intense flash of white witnessed seen before plane vanished

What is going on here? Just why didn't the media tell this correctly in the first place - now they changed their story .... First we were told debris recovery was underway now they were mistaken? How could they get the debris of an Airbus confused?

None of the debris found so far in the Atlantic Ocean was from the Air France Airbus a330 flight 447 that disappeared on Sunday night, Brazilian military officials have said. "We have not recovered any parts of the aeroplane so far," Ramon Borges Cardoso, the director of the Air Space Control Department, was quoted as saying on the Terra website.

After inspection it was determined the pallet could not have come from the plane.
"We confirm that the pallet found is not part of the debris of the plane. It's a pallet that was in the area, but considered more to be trash," he said.

The pallet found was made of wood, he said, and the Air France Airbus A330 that vanished Monday did not have any wooden pallets on board. "That's how we can confirm that the pallet isn't part of the remains of the aircraft."
source article

Just what was the ' intense flash of bright light ' witnessed by two pilots before the AirBus A330 vanished?:

MADRID - A pilot of the Spanish airline Air Comet covering the route between Lima and Madrid saw a white flash in the area where the Air France plane went missing, the daily El Mundo reported Thursday.

El Mundo quoted a report by the pilot to his airline.

Two pilots and a passenger who was in the galley of the plane “suddenly saw far away a strong and intense flash of white light” which plunged vertically downwards and disappeared in six seconds, the pilot wrote.

The pilot had also observed storms with electric activity and cloud formations near his route.

Air Comet confirmed the existence of the report to El Mundo, saying it had been passed on to the Spanish civil aviation authorities, Airbus and Air France.

The report re-launched the hypothesis of an explosion as the cause of the accident, though it was now deemed likelier that the pilot had lost control of the plane after serious turbulences led to equipment failures, El Mundo said.
article source
Você vive no Nordeste do Brasil? Por favor email mim se você tiver quaisquer relatórios de Ufo ovni visto ao longo dos últimos meses, isto é muito importante.

Physicist Dr Michio Kaku - why the moon is the likley spot for first contact

Physicist Dr Michio Kakus speaks about Earth becoming a type 1 civilisation and why the moon is the most likely spot for first contact :

We will inevitably make contact with Alien life...get use to it - poor quality audio:

Secret Space Documentary - NASA

Bits of this documentary seem good but its 'out there' so i am only posting this part. You can watch the remaining parts here.
Space serpents? - As astronauts have mentioned "we thought there were critters in space":

UFO over Bratislava Slovakia Republic June 2nd 2009

Yet another Ufo seen over Bratislava Slovakia Republic 2nd June 2006.
As you know one was reported over a month ago at the end of april here

Policemen reacted on many phone calls, which alert them on 19 mysterious bodies.
"We watched these objects at an angle of 45 degrees."
"I took a camera and did shoot it. It was appearing as big flaming balls."
"Naturally, I cannot determine a distance, but that airplane blinked and we heard it, and it was under them."
"The videorecording was viewed also at a Slovak meteorologic institute in Bratislava, and they do not know to explain. However, ufologists understand."
"I can say that visible phenomena are not connected with a weather. That night was clear weather, temp. cca 12 deg. C, light wind in Trencin. Nothing what would have testified to some optical phenomena."
"It is UFO..."
"Objects was changing formations and disappeared soon. At first sight it seemed as a constellation, but ufologist denies it."
"Because stars at filming create a certain spectrum around them."
"It was bigger in comparison with stars, I'd say a shape of a football and a pin."

56 Pilot Sightings Involving Electromagnetic Effects

Richard F. Haines, Ph.D.

"Reports of anomalous aerial objects (AAO) appearing in the atmosphere continue to be made by pilots of almost every airline and air force of the world in addition to private and experimental test pilots.
This paper presents a review of 56 reports of AAO in which electromagnetic effects
(E-M) take place on-board the aircraft when the phenomenon is located nearby but not before it appeared or after it had departed.
Reported E-M effects included radio interference or total failure, radar contact with and without simultaneous visual contact, magnetic and/or gyro-compass deviations, automatic direction finder failure or interference, engine stopping or interruption, dimming cabin lights, transponder failure, and military aircraft weapon system failure.
We're not dealing with mental projections or hallucinations on the part of the witness but with a real physical phenomenon."

Dr. Richard Haines, Psychologist specializing in pilot and astronaut "human factors" research for the Ames NASA Research Center in California-Chief of the Space Human Factors Office.

Debris recovered not from Air France A300 jet ?

Conflicting reports coming in...

Below article extract just in from

the BBC:

Debris recovered from the Atlantic by Brazilian search teams does not come from a lost Air France jet, a Brazilian air force official has said.

Brig Ramon Borges Cardoso contradicted earlier reports that debris had been found, saying "no material from the plane has been recovered".

A wooden cargo pallet was taken from the sea, but the Airbus A330 had no wooden pallets on board.

Relatives have been told that there is no hope of survivors being found.

Air France chief executive Pierre-Henri Gourgeon and chairman Jean-Cyril Spinetta briefed the passengers' relatives in a hotel near Paris Charles de Gaulle airport where they have been waiting for news.

Mr Gourgeon said the jet, which was carrying 228 people from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, broke apart either in the air or when it hit the sea.

A Spanish pilot flying in the area at the time of the crash was quoted by his airline, Air Comet, as saying he had seen an "intense flash of white light, which followed a descending and vertical trajectory and which broke up in six seconds".

read more -source

current feature AirPorts & AirPlanes the connection

More of the coloured Ufo over Eaugalle Wisconsin 3rd June 2009

Did you see Ufos like this this month in Wisconsin? if so please reply to this post
Posters comments:
it was like a welding light a red to bronze color and the light streams hung close to the ground,then it started to rise up,that's were I took most of the pictures.

Brazillian Ufo report from March 28 - Você vive no Nordeste Brasil

English article below..

Oi, por favor ignore esta realmente ruim Inglês tradução do Português se você vive no Nordeste do Brasil, gostaria de saber todos os seus Ufo relatórios ao longo dos últimos meses. Há algo de muito especial acontecendo lá com Discos voadores recentemente, e gostaria que todos os vídeos, celular fotos, relatos e fotos de Discos voadores enviou-me por e-mail, se possível, suas informações serão mantidas em sigilo. Existe uma especial Ufo na área e gostaria de saber também em relatórios de UFO Itata, Fortaleza e Santa Catarina. Eu estava no Brasil no ano passado e sei que o país tem um grande número de avistamentos UFO .. Eu gosto muito do seu país e eu apreciamos sua ajuda, enviando-me suas fotos com UFO relatórios e escritos. Obrigado

ITATA Unidentified flying objects (Ovnis) are back over Sertões Canindé, Brazil and terrifying the 17,689 residents who are avoiding walking on the roads at night. Home owners, farmers, students, cowboys and drivers say they view blue, red and yellow objects at night. The objects move fast, radiate a strong light that causes enormous heat and emits no noise. Luciana Cristina a student 17, says, a bright object appears from nowhere and radiates a light orange color that can raise the temperature of the body in seconds. We managed to shoot this one on March 28, 2009, at 8:30 PM, that was a light red color, and delivered an intense heat. “It started small, the size of a star with a reddish color. The air was blue and gray after the UFO was gone. “My grandson screamed, “Grandpa, look at the light and when I looked up I fainted due to the heat on my body that was way above normal.” It leaves people very afraid.”

For the first time after hundreds of appearances reported by residents of the Interior Itata, there are 216 kilometers from Fortaleza, the objects Unidentified flying (Ovnis), panic that the region since November past, reached the district of Lagoa do Mato, the most populous of the city. Dozens of people witnessed the reported "a large ball like the moon "that hangs in the mountain community of Mourão, a few meters from the City Center. The residents of the community also testified that the object remained for several minutes "fixed" in the sky and then "fell" is hiding behind the mountains. Many came to take photos on mobile phones or cameras as seen on the evening of Tuesday, 27.

The Battalion Police reported that the council has met with several calls made by residents who reported strange lights in the sky, especially in interior, but that does not have the means to investigate the apparitions and is not advised that the police cars to give chase as they consider Ovnis. "The people of Laguna and larger regions of Mato and Itata [seat], imagined that these were exclusive of the interior lights, because they believed that the city, due to poles and buildings, they were not. After the third night, they saw that Ovnis are willing to visit the district well, "says Raimundo Castro resident.

"I think it attracts many tourists, but also very afraid. Although we know that these ships so far we do evil, because of not knowing what they are, this causes estrangement. Many people who claimed to have seen the Ovni of Lagoa do Mato, around 19.30, could not stop looking at the light in the sky. "I was stopped, as if facing the most beautiful and mysterious thing I have ever seen in my life, "says Carlos Viana, who did not believe in the testimonies of the residents to see the light in their own city.

"There was fear, but I was paralyzed looking at it. It was beautiful. " The apparitions that extend from the end of last year already in Itata reflected in more than 200 reports of the presence of extraordinary Ovnis in small city of Sertão Central, an investigation by the Agency Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin) and the arrival in town of several Ufology, teachers of universities and tourists interested in camping and observe the "ships", taking a picture of what now has is natural and common to most inhabitants of the city. In Itata, Ovnis appear in the low altitude and a very good rate, which anyone can see.

3 types of Extraterrestrial Civilizations - Michio Kaku

He's the man !- Dr. Michio Kaku physicist and co-founder of string field theory, a branch of superstring theory, speaks about 3 types of Extraterrestrial Civilizations. I highly recommend you read his book Hyperspace. The book was the foundation for shows such as Slider and Babylon 5

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FBI & FAA to look further into Express Jet Airlines near crash with a Ufo on 27th May

What good getting the FBi or FAA will do involved in this recent case i don't know - Unless the 'uknown 'was a missle or an act of terrorism - other than this there not much else they can do. Especially considering the FAA's complete lack of investigation any of aircraft incident involving ufos (I mean whats up with that?)

The FBI, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department met Tuesday to compare notes on an unidentifie

d flying object reported late last week by an ExpressJet Airlines pilot.

The pilot reported a “missile or rocket” flying nearhis airplane Friday at 8:09 p.m., shortly after takeoff from Bush Intercontinental Airport, according to sheriff’s officials.

“The FAA then contacted the Liberty County department dispatcher and reported their pilot reported an object flying straight at his aircraft and passed 100 feet under it,” said Ken DeFoor, chief deputy for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department.

FBI spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap said the agency was aware of the sighting.

“While we have no information to indicate there was a criminal act we certainly do not rule anything out and certainly would not want to speculate on what it may or may not have been,” she said.

The flight was over the southern edge of Liberty County flying at 13,000 feet when the incident occurred, officials said. ExpressJet flies regional routes for Continental Airlines as Continental Express.

“We haven’t found anything yet — either something on the ground where it launched or on the ground where it came down,” said Liberty County Sheriff’s Cpl. Hugh Bishop.

DeFoor said the agencies consolidated their notes and information at the meeting.

“The FAA is in the process of debriefing the pilot today (Tuesday),” he said. “We are going to try and come up with a more definite track of this object and its path. We are trying to find out where it came from, where it went, and who may be responsible for it.”

The Continental Express jet was on a commercial flight to Greenville, S.C. “No people were injured and no evasive action on part of the airplane was taken,” DeFoor said.

article cource

RealUfos needs your input - Site Redesign....


I have got complaints that the site looks bad and is awkward to navigate.
I agree that the right side needs to go. Videos are much larger now and simple navigation is important.

Would like to know your feedback on the site and what features and changes you would like to see in the re-design of to make is easier on the eye?

Unfortunately the designer who worked on our site before has gone and i am looking for a web designer familiar with custom blogger templates. If you know of someone please email me


NASA Secret UFO Films make mainstream media - 03/06/09

Finally the media pick up of NASA's Ufo coverup - the below video report made it to the front page of Yahoo! As we all know these videos aren't new thanks to Martin Stubbs but its great the media is coming forward with these stories now.
Apparently the media is taking to the footage because only now has Nasa has 'officially endorsed' this previously un-official footage:
Its not all some co-incidence this is happening now this official path to Ufo disclosure has all been planned- remember the webots prediction for 2009 - saying "NASA Secrets revealed"?
For more on NASA's ongoing Ufo coverup see our feature area:

And for the newbie's - Astronaut Edgar Mitchels previous on thoughts why the pace of the Ufo disclosure by our governments has picked up at the moment:

Your thoughts on the 600ft JellyFish Crop Circle over oxfordshire ? 29th May 2009

I held back from posting about the recent JellyFish Crop Circle over oxfordshire cause i felt it was a fake...but it is huge (600ft) so it was alot of work if hoaxed - the circle which appeared overnight on the 29th of may 2009 has gained media attention so i guess people want to hear about it, whats your thoughts? (discuss further in our forum) heres a media report on it:

Brilliant coloured Ufo seen over Eaugalle Wisconsin 3rd June 2009

A real ufos exclusive..
submitted by one of our readers again. If you live in Wisconsin by the way and seen similar sightings recently please respond to this post.
Posters comments:
Have seen a UFO again in Eaugalle Wisconsin 6/3/09 I went outside at 4 am to let the cat in and I noticed this red light in the sky well I went and got the camera and these are the pictures I got,there was three of them but only one would flash,these pictures are of the one to the east of our house,we watched it for and hour.

Cambridgeshire UK Ufos - multiple Lights June 2009

A new ufo report from Cambridgeshire in the UK:
Extract from here
Witnesses claimed to have seen up to 50 of the mystery bright beams at around 11.30pm in Huntingdon.
Scott Boswell, 37, a former pilot and soldier from nearby Hinchingbrooke, captured some of the lights on his camera.
Mr Boswell, a banker in the City of London, said: "I noticed three lights floating past our house, probably a couple of kilometres away, and thought nothing of it.
"But then I noticed a big long string of lights coming from the direction of Brampton and heading over the Stukeley Meadows direction. This was about 11.30pm and I got a couple of blurred shots. I'm pretty sure these weren't aircraft.
"There was no noise, no navigation lights and their heading and height was relatively constant until they disappeared out of sight."

UFO Filmed over Dundee scotland, 31 May 2009, 02:36:48

Live in Dundee Scotland and seen ufos recently? Please respond to this post.
This ufo was traveling to the north of dundee, This one made no sound and was traveling at a fast pace:

Michio Kaku - Time Travel supported by science - are cloaked Ufos just us from the future?

Well spoken and explain physicist Michio Kaku looks at how time travels is now supported by science and how visitors from the future may be 'all around us' just we can't see them. Any thoughts on this?

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ATS Forum censorship - Who's really behind the site ? & why the ufo community is boycotting it:

This is an urgent call to action for everyone in the Ufo community to boycott the ATS forum!

This seemly open and neutral forum has some sinister motives behind its management & operation which most people are unaware of - so i am strongly advising the forum is to be avoided at all costs:
I recently posted a short excerpt from my recent post about the pilot who came forward about the Airbus Ufo sightings on ATS . I usually love the forum, i thought it was a great neutral and informative space to spark genuine Ufo debate - but was shocked when my post was removed and my posting privileges denied ( after being a long active member for many years). My original post about the airbus made it to the top of the Ufo forum topic and got over 170 responses within a day.. yet ATS deemed my posts not in their liking ... why?... think about it..

Is this moderation gone overboard or a sign of something more sinister?. I have been a member for many years and have contributed to substantial ufo debate on the forum site and its very sad to see that the disinfo campaign has likely infiltrated this site as well.

If you think about it logically the ATS forum is the largest of its kind online - as they mention on their site site "ATS its the the Internet's largest and most popular discussion board community" - so its a major hub for Ufo chatter & debate in the Ufo community .If you regulate this site and track its members then you have a major influence & power over the Ufo community and close survelliance of its followers. I have numerous reports that ATS has been influenced many times in the past to remove topics deemed 'too sensitive' however i never trully believed this until my recent experience of this on the forum. (So much for them being a source of everything 'Above top secret"!).

There are also disturbing rumours that ATS members details (Ip address,email etc) may be used to track their members.. This is revealed in their privacy policy: We reserve the right to disclose any personally identifiable information associated with your account and/or posting history as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on The Above Network, LLC.

I have also received numerous emails from many former disgruntled ATS members who have complained about being banned in this similar manner. Post something on the topic but not to the liking of those in control and your account is removed - sounds just like youtube!

RealUfos would like to know if you have been banned from ATS in this way? - have you had a similar experience? were you told why you were banned and what were you posting about exactly? Please respond to this post.

I would also like to know more about who's really behind ATS ?- please respond if you have any info, whose really in control there and whats going on with their over the top moderation?

Ufo Vortex at Fortaleza right Near AirBus A330 crash site at Fernando de Noronha

This is astonishing information has been revealed to me and i would like to forward onto you all.

Near where airbus A330 flight 447 crashed Fernando de Noronha there is a well known Ufo Vortex in the Brazllian city of Fortaleza (see image below). Sightings in these areas have revealed numerous craft over the past few months which have also had such severe electrical interference that they have disabled a cars engine and GPS device. .. the connection between these sightings and the AirBus crash can no longer be ignored .. the electrically sensistive computers on the Airbus A330 may have effected by such unexpected interferance further below

Você vive no Nordeste do Brasil e de ter visto um ovni (objeto voador não identificado) Envie um e-mail-me os seus relatórios e imagens. Muitas pessoas relata Discos voadores provenientes de zonas de montanha no momento

Note below information comes from here:

Last year I wrote extensively about another Airbus 330 that experienced electrical failure in what I believed to be a UFO hot spot. (Its seems that this plane in particular is highly prone to electrical interferrance considering its flyby the wire technology & highly automated computer controlled systems).

Earlier this year I wrote an article about two UFO sightings in Brazil. One sighting, which occurred near Fortaleza received a surprising number of government emails. A number of correspondents specifically asked if I had phone number of Mr Nilton Novaes, who photographed the UFO. The article also noted that the disc-like UFOs involved in the Urubici sighting caused electrical failure in the car belonging to the witness, who also managed to get photographs. (below)

Below extract from this article posted 30th May 2009 by AllNewsweb about Ufos at Fortaleza:

In my conclusion that a vortex entrance, that visiting 'unmanned' UFOs come through, exists in a mountainous region of Brazil, possibly near Fortaleza.

Government agencies are currently in Fortaleza looking for UFOs and the photo taken by Nilton Noveas (below) might well be the first government certified picture of an alien craft you have ever seen.

Unmanned surveillance discs that are about a meter in diameter are travelling to earth using some kind of vortex or set trajectory. The exit of this vortex moves around earth from time to time but currently appears to be located somewhere in Brazil’s mountainous district behind the city of Fortaleza.

These small silver discs are coming from a civilization located in another galaxy, they essentially function like web-bots using artificial intelligence to move around and survey our planet. They have no particular interest in planet earth and are conducting such surveys of thousands if not millions of planets. Governments around the world, from the US to China, are well aware of these discs and are studying them intensely.

The discs use earthly energy sources such as electrical lines to stay afloat, essentially electro-magnetically ‘surfing’ the planet. The discs also use cloaking technology to stay invisible but this sometimes fails in the event of electrical interference. The discs often show up in photos, particularly digital ones, and this is of great interest to governments ... source

In Brazil an astonishing number of UFO sightings have been reported in the last few weeks. Ufologists are being inundated with emails from confused witnesses searching for answers.

One of the most intriguing sightings occurred in the mountains on the outskirts of the city of Urubici in the State of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil.

On February 13, A Mr Genivaldo Rodrigues was standing outside his car taking a break from driving when he allegedly saw a silver disc zooming towards him. He grabbed his camera which he happened to have on him at the time and snapped a photo. He then saw another disc following the first and managed to capture an image of that too.

When he got back into the car his DVD player stopped working as did his GPS. After driving for a short time his car engine stopped on him twice for no apparent reason: he alleges this hadn’t ever occurred with this car before. He was able to re-set his GPS but his DVD player remains broken.

On March 4 at 4:30pm in Fortaleza in the Northeast of Brazil a Mr Milton Novaes also noticed a strange object in the sky reminiscent of the UFO seen recently in Chita, Siberia. He too managed to get a photo.

The variety of UFOs seen in Brazil is leading some Ufologists to wonder if the area is being targeted by aliens from more than one planet or civilisation. ‘Perhaps Brazil is hosting an inter-galactic conference ‘one ufologist commented.

US Airways AirBus A330 Pilot Reports Ufo incident over Atlantic on route to Paris last summer - Airfrance 447 related ?

Thank-you for my countless sources around the world, without you this amazing find would not have been discovered:

If true this is a real scoop people and just shows you at what lengths companies like Airbus and the government may be going to prevent this serious information coming out. This leads us to seriously consider that a collision with a Ufo may b
e a real and valid possibly that should be taken into consideration by investigators of the mysterious Airbus flight 447 crash.

If Ufos were in the Atlantic vicinity before and were following a similar Airbus A330 aircraft in the past then they could have been involved with the current AirFrance 447 crash.

Note: I have been warned in advance that posting this piece will lead to realUfos site to have 'issues' (infact Twitter got so worried they censored it - see below ) ..

The pilot who apparently posted this on his twitter (see before) account got it suspended (and then after twitter censorship) and weird things are apparently happening to sites that forward this story on. I did consider that possibly someone hacked his twitter account and posted this as a false story but i am assured this is not the case - but take note when reading below that its not officially confirmed:

I do worry for the pilots identity being revealed but if he did post his story publicly and we don't reveal his name then people won't believe the account. I will leave it up to you guys to make your mind up on this one:

I published a true experience UFO story while flying the Airbus A330 over the Atlantic last summer

The UFO kept pace with our aircraft, an Airbus A330 widebody, for 6 minutes.
Then, all of a sudden, Boom.. it shot forward at an unbelievable speed, must have been at least 30 times the speed of sound.

Actually, I can't even begin to estimate the speed because it was faster than any known flying machine, it was otherworldly speed.

Then, once again, the UFO kept pace with our Airbus only this time at about one half mile directly ahead of us for another 10 more

Remember, I'm an airline pilot and we are in the cockpit of an Airbus A330 jet going 550 MPH. This was like nothing any of us had ever seen!
We landed in Paris four hours later and kept this observation pretty much to ourselves. That's typical of pilots. We keep this stuff quiet.

I do admit that we were less concerned once it zipped one half mile ahead of us. That was a relief!

After 10 more minutes, the thing just shot up off into the sky. It was really instantaneous, like a bullet fired from a gun

Then, to our relief, it was gone. We continued on with no site of the object again that night or since for that matter.

We landed in Paris four hours later and kept this observation pretty much to ourselves. That's typical of pilots. We keep this stuff quiet.

The experience was like nothing before or after & has made me a believer. What do you believe. Please retweet this story to your followers.

Look what happened to his twitter a/c

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NASA archives reveal more startling Ufos

Ufos and NASA ...time and time again. How much more must we reveal before they come forward and tell the public the truth?

Debris found of Airfrance Flight 447 A300 over atlantic near brazil coastline

Sad end to this terrible tragedy:
Brazil's Air Force said it has found airplane seats and other debris floating in the Atlantic Ocean along the path that a missing Air France jet was flying.

Air Force spokesman Jorge Amaral said the seats were spotted by search planes early Tuesday morning but that authorities could not immediately confirm that they were from the plane.

Also spotted were small white pieces of debris, material that may be metallic and signs of oil and kerosene, which is used as jet fuel.

The debris was found about 390 miles northeast of the Brazilian archipelago of Fernando de Noronha.

The plane disappeared with 228 people aboard.

Airfrance Airbus A300 not likely brought down by lightning - so now what ? disapperance continues to baffle experts ...

Still today the AirFrance Airbus A300 remains missing somewhere in the Atlantic over brazil.
In support of my post on the tragedy investigators now believe that lightning was not the cause of the catastrophic failure which short circuited the planes electric supply.... so then what could have caused such a dramatic failure t0 the modern aircraft?

Interesting article:

"One thing seemed certain - the fate that befell the 228 people aboard the Airbus A330 jet came so swiftly the crew didn't have time to send out a Mayday.

Jane's Aviation analyst Chris Yates said: "There has been no mayday call. The conclusion to be drawn is something catastrophic happened on board that caused this aeroplane to ditch in a controlled or uncontrolled fashion.

"I would suggest that potentially it went down very quickly and so quickly that the pilots on board didn't have a chance to make that emergency call."

Dr Guy Gratton, Senior Visiting Research Fellow in Aeronautics at Brunel University, said: "There was no message. That is very, very surprising. The A330 has multiple communications systems, so a complete loss of communications at the least means a major electrical failure. Such failures are very rare." Of the two most likely causes for such the catastrophe, one - a terrorist bombing or hijacking - was ruled out.

The other, extreme weather, was being considered. Experts said it could have been hit by lightning - but the Airbus 330 has two or three back-up systems and for lightning to knock them all out without anyone being able to send a warning would be "almost impossible".

Even failure of both engines would give the crew half an hour of "gliding time".

Source read more

I Recap the topic of Ufos following our passenger aircraft and the dangers these Ufos pose to civilian air safety: Pilots and passengers from different airlines have close encounters of enormous proportions... On January 28th 1994, an Air France pilot, his crew and passengers witnessed a brightly-glowing red and brown disc-shaped object while flying to London. Estimates of the disc's size were between 800 and 1,000 feet long...more than 3 times the size of a 747.

On April 25th 2007, the captain of a passenger plane crossing the English Channel observed two bright-yellow flat objects for more than 15 minutes. He is astounded by their size which he claims could have been as much as a mile wide. A pilot from a separate aircraft corroborated the story. The team takes to the skies to probe some of the largest UFO sightings ever recorded:

remaining parts

Submit your Pilot and Airplane or Airport Ufo accounts ..

Are you a pilot or have you witnessed a Ufo from an aircraft? would love to hear your accounts of and if you have any footage of Ufos you may have seen while in the air...
Seeing Ufos from aircraft is much more common than what we think and it would be great to receive some more witness reports...

Please submit your reports here to be included in the upcoming feature post on the topic here in our forum.

Interesting Cases - Pilot dies in chase The Mantell UFO Incident

Aussie Pilot Frederick Valentich dies after seeing Ufo

A long history of Ufos tracking AirPlanes - why the dangers? + Black Box Ufos

After all this new debate about my new post about the mysterious AirFrance Airbus Disappearance i have decided to post these 2 documentaries to help explain my concerns further and why i feel the 2 are connected. Ufos have been following our aircraft and monitoring our airports . Its a serious concern that needs investigating...
Black Box Ufos - A documentary on records of pilots that have witnessed UFO's in flight.
and the recent Ufo Hunters episode looks at the worrying trend of Ufos following passenger aircraft and attempts of Ufos to land at airports around the world.I have talked about this trend many times before
Also the video exposes the
FAA's coverup of the Ohare incident with irrefutable evidence from the airtraffic controllers tapes showing they were aware of the Ufo.
A UFO sighting above Chicago's largest airport leaves authorities scrambling for answers. On November 7th, 2006 (link), a strange object hovered for ten minutes over Gate C17 at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago before rapidly ascending into the sky. And on October 23rd of 2004, in Osaka, Japan a UFO was spotted tailing Japanese Airlines flight 1512 (link)as it came in for a landing. Are UFOs following our own commercial aircraft, and surveying our airports?

Near miss with Ufo says Pilots leaving Houston Bush Intercontinental AIRPORT 27th May 2009

Talking about the threat to Aircraft from Ufos heres yet another new report showing Ufos are very interested with our airports and planes -
- A strange object was spotted Friday night by pilots of a plane that just had just taken off from Bush Intercontinental Airport. And now, federal investigators are trying to pinpoint what the flying object was.
Eyewitnesses say the object, possibly a rocket, came close to hitting the plane. The Continental Express plane, operated by Express Jet, was flying from Houston to South Carolina last night when it happened.
The plane had just left Bush Airport around 8:20pm Friday when the captain reported seeing the object about 150 feet away. According to the FAA, the incident occurred about 11,000 feet into the air above Liberty County.
On Saturday, sheriff's officials interviewed two Hardin High School students who reported seeing the object come close to the plane. radar.
If you witnessed this sighting please respond to this post:

Monday, June 01, 2009

Air France Airbus 330 'vanishes' Off Brazil Coast due to electrical short circuit ? - Ufo related?

This disturbingly sad news is just in. 220 passengers and crew are feared dead somewhere over the pacific near the Brazil coast line today after Airfrance Airbus A330 flying from Brazil to Paris disappeared. This report got my interest because the way the media and AirFrance are reporting the incident. They are not yet saying the plane has crashed but that the ultra modern & extreemly safe Airbus 330 suddenly 'disappeared' from radar screens due to a electrical "short circuit"... very strange indeed:

Air France said that the aircraft had sent a message reporting an electrical "short circuit" after strong turbulence.The company said the plane had probably been struck by lightning. An Airbus source described the failure as "catastrophic" suggesting a sudden and unexplained systems failure.

What does this mean exactly? How could a large ultra modern aircraft with numerous safety backups suddenly drop from the air like that? doesn't make sense. The plane was designed to withstand a lightning strikes as well -infact Airbus A330 has sophisticated Lightening Strike protection - so even if a lightening strike hit an engine the plane has fail safe systems to compensate for this ..

So what else could have happened... well an electrical short circuits can be caused by an EMF pulse. Many near misses with Ufos have reported strong electromegnetic interference, similar to an EMF pulse which disables all electrical equipment. .. could this have happened in this circumstance? Maybe ... as you may know the Brazilian coast is a major hot spot for Ufo activity - is this too unrelated to call this any co-incidence? I don't think so....and here's why:

I have posted many times on the major dilemma that Ufos pose to a
ir security and safety and the coverup surrounding it. In an area like brazil i am not surprised that Ufos are often an issue when it comes to aircraft.

Infact, after spending much time in Brazil myself over the last year i even saw a Ufo upon descent from our plane into Argentina. Remember, it was not long ago that the Mexican air force came forward on TV the Ufo topic a few years ago because of their similar pressing concerns about passenger air safety issues due to Ufos in their air space ...

This issue has been kept under the wraps time & time again (see reports here here , here & even Air France Ufo reports) - because no government wants to admit that they can't guarantee the security of their own airspace against Ufos - let alone the significant threat it poses to modern passenger aircraft. Its time governments stopped using national security excuse at the expense of the lives of the public - some major air crashes and incidents (although not officially reported as) may be linked to Ufo near misses and its time this is investigated further.

Here's the news report:

An Air Francejetliner with 228 people on board disappeared off the coast of Brazil Monday, airline officials said.

Airport authorities in Paris said an Airbus A330-200 jet vanished from radar screens somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean shortly after taking off from Rio de Janeiro for Paris, the Times of London reported.

"We are very worried," an official said. "The plane disappeared from the screens several hours ago. It could be a transponder problem, but this kind of fault is very rare and the plane did not land when expected."

The first thing is to find out where it is. It may have been reporting its position by satellite. It is very unusual that there is no location information."

The A330-200 model has not had any fatal accidents involving passengers in commercial flights.Article Source

Airbus A330 - A330-200: Ultra-modern and extremely safe - Article source

According to aviation expert Kieran Daly, the A330-200 is a "reliable, ultra-modern, state-of-the-art airplane," with an impeccable safety record.

A modern "work horse" with a perfect safety record

The Airbus A330 has enjoyed a near-perfect safety record since it began commercial operation in 1993.

The wide-bodied, twin-engine passenger plane was designed to compet

e on long-haul routes with similar Boeing planes.

There have been no passenger deaths on A330s since it entered operation, although seven crew were killed during a test flight in June 1994 when the plane was sim

ulating an engine failure on takeoff at the Airbus factory in To

ulouse. source read more

So could lightning haven taken down the modern plane or was it something else? Your comments appreciated..