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Brazillian Ufo report from March 28 - Você vive no Nordeste Brasil

English article below..

Oi, por favor ignore esta realmente ruim Inglês tradução do Português se você vive no Nordeste do Brasil, gostaria de saber todos os seus Ufo relatórios ao longo dos últimos meses. Há algo de muito especial acontecendo lá com Discos voadores recentemente, e gostaria que todos os vídeos, celular fotos, relatos e fotos de Discos voadores enviou-me por e-mail, se possível, suas informações serão mantidas em sigilo. Existe uma especial Ufo na área e gostaria de saber também em relatórios de UFO Itata, Fortaleza e Santa Catarina. Eu estava no Brasil no ano passado e sei que o país tem um grande número de avistamentos UFO .. Eu gosto muito do seu país e eu apreciamos sua ajuda, enviando-me suas fotos com UFO relatórios e escritos. Obrigado

ITATA Unidentified flying objects (Ovnis) are back over Sertões Canindé, Brazil and terrifying the 17,689 residents who are avoiding walking on the roads at night. Home owners, farmers, students, cowboys and drivers say they view blue, red and yellow objects at night. The objects move fast, radiate a strong light that causes enormous heat and emits no noise. Luciana Cristina a student 17, says, a bright object appears from nowhere and radiates a light orange color that can raise the temperature of the body in seconds. We managed to shoot this one on March 28, 2009, at 8:30 PM, that was a light red color, and delivered an intense heat. “It started small, the size of a star with a reddish color. The air was blue and gray after the UFO was gone. “My grandson screamed, “Grandpa, look at the light and when I looked up I fainted due to the heat on my body that was way above normal.” It leaves people very afraid.”

For the first time after hundreds of appearances reported by residents of the Interior Itata, there are 216 kilometers from Fortaleza, the objects Unidentified flying (Ovnis), panic that the region since November past, reached the district of Lagoa do Mato, the most populous of the city. Dozens of people witnessed the reported "a large ball like the moon "that hangs in the mountain community of Mourão, a few meters from the City Center. The residents of the community also testified that the object remained for several minutes "fixed" in the sky and then "fell" is hiding behind the mountains. Many came to take photos on mobile phones or cameras as seen on the evening of Tuesday, 27.

The Battalion Police reported that the council has met with several calls made by residents who reported strange lights in the sky, especially in interior, but that does not have the means to investigate the apparitions and is not advised that the police cars to give chase as they consider Ovnis. "The people of Laguna and larger regions of Mato and Itata [seat], imagined that these were exclusive of the interior lights, because they believed that the city, due to poles and buildings, they were not. After the third night, they saw that Ovnis are willing to visit the district well, "says Raimundo Castro resident.

"I think it attracts many tourists, but also very afraid. Although we know that these ships so far we do evil, because of not knowing what they are, this causes estrangement. Many people who claimed to have seen the Ovni of Lagoa do Mato, around 19.30, could not stop looking at the light in the sky. "I was stopped, as if facing the most beautiful and mysterious thing I have ever seen in my life, "says Carlos Viana, who did not believe in the testimonies of the residents to see the light in their own city.

"There was fear, but I was paralyzed looking at it. It was beautiful. " The apparitions that extend from the end of last year already in Itata reflected in more than 200 reports of the presence of extraordinary Ovnis in small city of Sertão Central, an investigation by the Agency Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin) and the arrival in town of several Ufology, teachers of universities and tourists interested in camping and observe the "ships", taking a picture of what now has is natural and common to most inhabitants of the city. In Itata, Ovnis appear in the low altitude and a very good rate, which anyone can see.
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