Saturday, April 25, 2009

A UFO over Elk Grove, California on April 23, 2009

A new ufo news video report this time over Elk Grove, California on April 23, 2009

posters comments courtesy of Mufon
On April 23, 2009, at approximately 20:16 hours, in Elk Grove, CA, I observed an extremely bright sphere, which appeared to be white or yellow in color, through the blinds on my glass sliding door. I immediately opened the blinds and observed the sphere from my upper level apartment balcony. The sphere was brighter than anything I have ever seen in the sky. The sphere appeared to be traveling directly (northeast) towards my apartment complex before stopping in the sky. The sphere appeared to sit motionless and soundless in the sky for approximately two minutes. I While looking to the west, I did notice another object, which appeared to be flat with lights across the front in the distance.

Media again on Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell

Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell has really brought the attention of the media to the urgent need for Ufo disclosure at this years X-Conference 2009 event. Here is yet another new report following the Dr Mitchells revelations (its interesting to note that webbots predicticted NASA secrets to come out in 2009 - is this part of this?)

Friday, April 24, 2009

UFO Hunters on HISTORY Alien Harvest 29th April

Pencil this one into your diaries everyone:
The latest Ufo hunters airs on Wednesday April 29 at 10/9c on HISTORY. 
Its a disturbing pattern thats been going on for the past 40 years -- thousands of cows seemingly slaughtered in the same strange, meticulous way, on ranches around the world. This pattern has mystified ranchers, veterinarians, and law enforcement officials. Eyewitnesses report UFOs and black helicopters in the area where cows are turning up dead. Could someone be carrying out a macabre harvest? UFO Hunters are hot on the trail of a recent mutilation case, analyzing the entire phenomenon.

New UFO Hunters the Nazi Ufos

I love Ufo Hunters and i really like thank the History channel for continuing the series and i recommend everyone check the Calender to check when the next shows air on TV!
The new Ufo hunters looks at the Nazi Ufos : It has long been suspected that Nazi leaders had more than a passing interesting in the occult and UFOs. UFO investigators now believe there was a connection between the UFO phenomenon and the Third Reich. Could the technology that grew into our modern day space program have been passed to the Germans by aliens, as some believe, and then confiscated by the U.S. government after the end of World War II? Now, our team will travel to Germany and Poland to investigate bizarre alien links that go back hundreds of years.





Hoaxing a Ufo sighting "Could cost you or even Jail time"

As you know the New Jersey sightings early this year were hoaxed and the hoaxers were prosecuted and sentenced to do community service. - TO the hoaxers out there don't even think about it, you will be found out and you will be sentenced!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chemtrails now more common - our goverments solution to global warming ?

More and more now Chemtrails are seen cris-crossing our skies and are becoming an everyday phenomenon. Many of the trails are obviously not contrails (exhaust) from planes as the trails are too close together and are obviously structured that way for a reason (see below video) . 
Many people are asking why is this occuringly so often now ? and the answer is simple - its weather manipulation research:
With the rise in global temperatures and the devastating changes this brings to weather patterns, governments are concerned about the dire implications and are experimenting with cloud seeding to manipulate the weather. With a recent Pentagon report predicting the greatest threat in the next 20 years to be infact the climate and not terrorists - it predicts that coming wars and global disputes will be over  over access to water asnd so you can see why investing in weather manipulation research now is pivotal for governments world wide.
Unfortunately, cloud seeding involves spraying heavy metals into the sky, usually barium which can unknowingly lead to can lead to disease to those below - especially morgellons disease .
Surprisingly ufos are aware of these dangers Chemtrails pose are almost always seen following the aftermaths of these trails (as posted many times before).
German news report - panning the skies of chemtrails


Germany April 2009 Chemtrails

Australia rolls outs China's mandatory Internet Filter - no more

This news is disturibing indeed!!:

I warned everyone a few months ago that the Australia government was in the process of rolling out compulsory Internet censorship and as predicted it has happened: 

On May 22 many large internet providers including the largest one Optus will roll out a testing phase of the nationwide Internet censorship program. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), has a
 so called blacklist of banned sites ranging from sites promoting anorexia to child related sex sites. The Authority has the ability to add any site which the government deeps inappropriate to this 'black list' and this can be expanded to include sites on terrorism and basically anything the government deeps inappropriate.

The blacklist itself is secret (no suprise), as it is in most countries that censor content. This angers many who believe that secrecy lends itself to abuse. In Finland, for instance, a man who runs a website arguing that the blacklist approach is ineffective was called in for questioning last year after publishing "a list of a few hundred censored sites." His own site was then placed on the blacklist, which means that visitors from Finland are greeted by a message saying that the site they are trying to reach contains illegal images.
As i am in Australia this is very concerning as no site, not even is safe from this list!

So what can be done?
We need to take action now by letting policymakers know just what we think of the "clean feed" Internet filter, we can bring about a policy change. If you are with ISP Optus dont participate with the filter program and when you get an email from them in May - 'Say No' to signing up for the test.

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia

Cigar Ufo ?

Was this a Cigar Ufo seen near chemtrail?

Huge UFO photographed April 21 2009

Triangle Ufo OVER ROME 06 APRIL 2009

No other information other than Ufo OVER ROME 06 APRIL 2009 :

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell pressess Obama for Ufo disclosure - Whats your thoughts ?

Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell is calling on Obama and the US government to start the ball rolling with Ufo disclosure. Many in the Ufo community are saying now more than any other time is ideal for the US government to come out with what they know .... recently many other governments around the world have also started the process .. whats your thoughts on this people? Please comment further on this discussion thread in our forum.

Astronaut DR. EDGAR MITCHELL talks on CNN - Ufo Disclosure 21. April 2009

Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, who was part of the 1971 Apollo 14 moon mission, stated on CNN on Monday that extraterrestrial life exists, and that the truth is being concealed by the United States governments. The 6th Man on the moon urged for the pressing need for disclosure on ufos - would like to say congrats to DR Mitchell for this efforts:

New witness to the phoenix lights


Michigan Triangle Ufo Video 06-14-06

This is the 1st of 2 videos of this triangle. Taken on 6-14-06 near Lansing, Michigan. This was in Clinton County, Watertown Township, across from the Flying J Truckstop. (Exit #90 on I-96)

Scientists discover Earth sized planet

Today, scientists announced the discovery of the exoplanet Gliese 581 e, roughly 20 light-years away in the Libra constellation. It is approximately 2-times Earth's mass, making it the lightest exoplanet ever discovered. Although Gliese 581 e is considered too close to the system's star to support life as we know it, another planet in the system, Gliese 581 d, has an orbit that is said to be within the habitable zone:

Ufo spotted In Australia Northern Territory

Great new article and pictures of a Ufo taken over the northern Territory in Australia

A TERRITORY mother has backed up claims unidentified flying objects have returned to the Top End after she photographed two "discs of light" in the sky.
The mother-of-three, who wished only to be known by her first name Kym, took the photo as she watched the dark rain clouds roll towards her Palmerston home last month.
Kym said the image was taken on her mobile phone and that she didn't notice the strange lights in the clouds until she downloaded her pictures on to her computer.
She took many photos and even some video footage on her phone but said the UFOs only appeared in the one shot.
"It's hard to tell what it is - it's very strange," she said.
"There was some lightning at the time but the shape of these lights is different."
"If it was streaks you'd think it was lightning but these are circles.
"I thought it could be a street light reflection in the screen of the mobile I took the photo with but the street lights aren't on."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fifth Annual X-Conference CNN News Coverage APRIL 20th 2009

Just aired last night direct from CNN !! April 20 - Fifth annual X-Conference National Press Club News Conference Stephen Bassett, head of the Paradigm Research Group:

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

pt 5

pt 6

Fleet of UFOs Over Russia, April 18, 2009

Sinlge Orb joining a fleet of Ufos seen Over Russia, April 18, 2009

UFO over Chemsford, UK, April 18, 2009

A new report UFO over Chemsford, UK, April 18, 2009:

The Ufo over stockholm pictures controversy 2002

This Ufo filmed stockholm in 2002 has caused some debate because its so clear - so is it a CGI (computer Generated) or real - ? Whats your opinion on this ufo picture people:

UFO - Declassified craft assembly footage ?

Startling footage of UFO's being assembled many years ago in area 51 i think:

Monday, April 20, 2009

UFO footage 14 April 2009 Bendigo Australia

extract from allnewsweb:
A sharp-eyed resident of the town of Bendigo in Victoria, Australia noticed a strange object moving in the sky on Tuesday evening earlier this week. The unnamed witness noted that:
‘( I ) Just stepped outside this evening, enjoying a cuppa and this unidentifiable flying thing appears in the sky travelling steadily, I instantly ran inside and grabbed the HD video cam and captured what I could. As i was in a hurry, I didn’t switch the cam to night vision mode, it was set to sunny, though it was dusk
as for the shakiness, well I couldn’t believe my eyes! This object tracked across the sky with a relative velocity moving in an arch from north to south
I’ve included a few short shots at the end of the video to demonstrate how a star (B) looks through my cam and how an aero plane (A) looks through my cam, i took those shots five minutes after filming the object.
...I really don’t know what this is.’
Rural Victoria is generally one of Australia’s UFO hotspots.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Amazing New Ufo Report on Australian TV

Guys ,

An amazing new ufo feature just aired on Australian TV Show Sunday night
the show looked  at the Uk's Ufo files with new interviews with Nick Pope and other military witnesses.

They have a voting poll on at the moment asking the question:

Do you think UFO sightings are linked to alien life?
 and  so i urge all realufos readers to vote on the poll  here now  ...