Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ufo spotted In Australia Northern Territory

Great new article and pictures of a Ufo taken over the northern Territory in Australia

A TERRITORY mother has backed up claims unidentified flying objects have returned to the Top End after she photographed two "discs of light" in the sky.
The mother-of-three, who wished only to be known by her first name Kym, took the photo as she watched the dark rain clouds roll towards her Palmerston home last month.
Kym said the image was taken on her mobile phone and that she didn't notice the strange lights in the clouds until she downloaded her pictures on to her computer.
She took many photos and even some video footage on her phone but said the UFOs only appeared in the one shot.
"It's hard to tell what it is - it's very strange," she said.
"There was some lightning at the time but the shape of these lights is different."
"If it was streaks you'd think it was lightning but these are circles.
"I thought it could be a street light reflection in the screen of the mobile I took the photo with but the street lights aren't on."

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